HUSSAIN obama made no effort to hide his plans for the United States when he declared he would fundamentally change this nation. What he neglected to include was that the change would be for the worse.  This man evidentially, holds no more pride for this country than his wife who expressed exactly that feeling, and  were willing to spend twenty years in a so-called church whose reverent wright used his sermons to excoriate America. obama continued to show his disdain  by bowing to middle eastern heads of state and apologizing for what he and he alone perceived as the terrible wrongs wrought by our great country. Clearly, in his desire to share the country’s wealth, not his own, with the world, he has been identified with programs that would place the world’s ocean’s under the auspices of one of the worst run and most corrupt organizations in the world, the United Nations. In is desire to alter the manner in which quality medical is delivered, he pushed his inane house puppet, pelosi to forge ahead with a health care bill, no one wanted.  In his avid, ignoble desire to provide his brand of equality, he has fostered class warfare.  He has avoided the truth in his incomprehensible addresses to the American people, so often, he has taken on the belief of his own lies.  He has jeopardized our national security by refusing to adequately defend our borders, while being mute regarding how eric holder is doing his job.  Pure politics and his belief that he has the RIGHT to another years, caused him to defy our military regarding the early removal of troops from Iraq without any assurance that its own police force could keep some semblance of peace. His wife has repeatedly interfered in the homes, schools and restaurants of the American people as an expert without portfolio.  Against the wishes of Congress, he has insisted that the radical czars he put in place will remain in place, at the continued expense of the American people. He has contributed to the waste of American monies by virtue of his failed stimulus, while promoting and supporting the corrupt unions which help make up his base.  He has had no reasonable energy policy, promoting green idiocy through misuse of funds by the Department of Energy with regard to Solyndra and a number of other misguided government investments. He has taken over the auto industry and promoted the building of electric cars that no one wishes to buy and have been recognized as a potential danger to human life. He has dragged his feet with regard to making America less dependent upon foreign oil by refusing to allow drilling in the Gulf of Mexico as well as other land rich in fossil fuel and natural gas. The latter, again done for political purposes, lest he not anger a base of environmentalists he depends upon for support. He has angered the foolish young people who voted for him and who now find themselves unemployed. Hopefully the rest of intelligent America has awakened to his Marxist agenda no matter how often he smiles and denies it’s TRUTH. HUSSAIN obama has not yet evened the SCORE he believes must be evened, has not yet leveled the playing field, and redistributed enough wealth, he believes must be redistributed.  DO NOT GIVE THIS man ANOTHER FOUR YEARS TO CONTINUE HIS HELL BENT INTENT TO DESTROY OUR COUNTRY, ITS VALUES, ITS HERITAGE ITS CONSTITUTION, ITS MORALS AND ITS RELIGIONS.

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