Aaron Klein, investigative reporter and Sunday ABC radio talk show host, has co-written a book called RED ARMY, outlining panetta’s positions on defense, voting records and radical associations more than suggestive that panetta is indeed a Marxist. How well this fits in with obama and his czarist regime. During the time panetta served(?) 1977-1993, his record seemed to favor Russian causes and Sandinista activities. Prior to becoming CIA Director, a post he was never really vetted carefully for, he served a co-chairman of a radical organization called the Joint Oceans Commission initiative, whose agenda was to turn the U.S. oceans over to the U.N. for international regulation. We all know how inept and corrupt the UN has been. This organization has been aligned with a George Soros funded Center for American Progress, of which John Podesta has been CEO and President. The latter supports the World Federalist movement which seeks a one world government, something obama has been a proponent of. panetta has also been associated in some form with the Institute for Policy Study, an erzats think tank which may have had deep connections with the soviets, allowing those Washington based to use their facility.

In the 1980s, panetta, while in Congress was strongly in favor of a CIA Accountability Act which never got off the ground. The Act would have made reportable all moneys expended by the CIA, making covert activities impossible. When he was Director of the CIA, panetta proposed a similar position, but was fortunately, ignored. In 1980,as a congressman, panetta voted to drastically cut defense spending in favor of more social programs. As the not so Super Committee continues to flounder finding ways to reduce obama’s deficit, the possibility of a trigger that will drastically cut Defense and parts of Medicare could become an inevitability, panetta now has proposed deep cuts in defense regarding weaponry, nuclear arms and in our armies. Nothing has changed. Is panetta the Marxists he seems to be. Should he be removed from Defense as a security risk to this nation?

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