The individual who still occupies the White House, persists in his demagoguery, evidences his hypocrisy, and fans the flames of class warfare in his attempt to win back people who once made up a large portion of his eroding base. While busing around the country in a Canadian built vehicle or flying Air Force One at taxpayer expense, obama continues to politic for re-election while claiming (lying) that it is merely an effort to educate Americans regarding his back-boneless jobs bill. En route he has called on his leftists hollywood entourage to give more money to the millions he has already amassed. Perhaps obama should consider sharing some of that wealth.

As a result, America has been divided into many factions as evidenced by the union backed mobs still interfering with the daily lives of people trying to earn a living. As opposed to the unruly mass wishing to live off the earnings of the latter. The thugs involved with “occupy” are duped young people with some justified complaints and the george soros money backed anarchists that wish to destroy capitalism which remains the antithesis of communism. These people are so stupid, they have learned nothing and apparently never will nor care to do so.

obama is counting on this unrest to remove from the public eye (the media has already helped), inadequacy as president., his economic and foreign policy failures, and his version of the daily lie, every time he stands before his teleprompters.

We have people you want to earn a living and those who want the government to provide money for doing nothing
We have entrepreneurs waiting to get their ideas out and we have those with no ideas at all.
We have people trying to get to work and those who block their right to do so.
We have small businessmen waiting for some signal the things will improve so they can hire and we have obama who wants to increase their taxes.
We have companies adversely impacted by EPA regulations and we have obama attempting to further interfere with their ability to do business using the global warming excuse, one of the greatest lies ever promoted.
We have people watching their IRAs devalue while obama and the energy department takes chances with billions of our dollars on schemes to promote green.

This president and all of his administration, 99% of democrats and some fool hardy republicans are hell-bent to destroy this country out of design or pure stupidity. After hearing an idiot from Oregon running for Congress, it would seem that the latter would be more to the point. Congress needs a house cleaning and the White House a complete Stanley Steaming.


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