The democrats who took the time to watch last night’s debate from Nevada must have been lickin their chops because of the lackluster performance on the part of most of the front-runners. After each debate one looks for a “winner”. Last night, he winner could have been obama “the terrible”, since none of the Republican candidates gave stellar performances. To his discredit, the CNN “moderator or rather instigator Anderson Cooper purposely allowed Perry and Romney to attack each other over minor issues. Perry, falling in the polls was told to dredge up old nonsense regarding Romney”s using a landscapers who hired illegal aliens, that had been laid to rest in 2007.

They all attacked Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 program and justifiably so since it would layer another tax in addition to that which exists as sales tax in some states. Some sales taxes are very high already in some of our western states. Bachmann’s contention that giving government another tax to expand at whim was well taken. None had a real grasp of foreign policy except Bachmann and Gingrich, both of whom defended not cutting our defense program drastically. Ron Paul screeched his way through another debate, but with few exceptions had nothing new to add.

Tensions rose with regard to the manner in which our southern borders might be defended. Perry advised that it would take 15 years and millions of dollars to fence in the entire southern border. Probably true if the unions are involved with the contract. His suggestion of have unmanned drones secure the border did not receive much applause from the gallery. Perry continues to run on old stuff which is getting rather tedious. His providing scholarship to illegal aliens has not proven of value to his candidacy. Neither has the pastor who has defined Romney’s Mormon religion as a cult, although Perry did provide a luke warm disavowal.

Gingrich did not get involved in petty squabbles and took Cooper to task for allowing them to continue ad nauseum. Herman Cain had some difficulty defending his tax program which has too many holes in it. Perry offered no programs. When Cooper asked Perry what issues he had with Romney’s 59 point program, having not read it went on to speak about other things. Perry fails debate. Rick Santorum who is still around for some unknown reason gave his usual philosophy regarding family and good morals, which while fine has been reiterated too many times. Ron Paul made some good suggestions regarding removal of foreign aid to Germany which has been on ongoing expense for 60 years. I was not aware of this and I am certain most Americans are as well. Doubt even if obama knows about it.

Hopefully the next debate will concern itself with things important to Americans and moderated by an impartial individual. Absent the latter, it will be another waste of time and effort. The field of candidates should be weeded out with just Romney, Bachmann and Gingrich left standing. They are only ones who make sense…..SOMETIMES.


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