Herman Cain, a businessman with no political experience, won the Florida straw poll with enough votes to beat the combined efforts of both Romney and Perry. The rest of the field of prospective candidates received no more than 10% each with Bachmann fading fast. The latter is running out of money and credibility and will most likely pull out despite her Iowa win.

The real question is whether this vote is an endorsement of Herman Cain, a likable candidate with many good ideas or a repudiation of the rest of the lackluster field. In the recent debate, Romney was Romney, Perry talked himself into a corner, Gingrich came out the brightest, and we again learned about Bachmann’s contribution to motherhood and foster care. Santorum had a few good moments but is inconsequential. Huntsman, again provided evidence as to what a good governor he once was.

Perhaps, we need a Chris Christie or bring back Donald Trump to give the people better choices. Sarah Palin should stay in the background since we need someone to beat obama. There is no current poll I am aware of regarding how Cain might fare against the current occupant of the White House.


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