If waxman is considering running for re-election in 2012, Orkin should be called in to do the job it is normally expected to do. Far different from the idiot waxman who appears more rodent than human,and who has represented no one, including his blind, stupid constituency that sends him back to Congress over and over again.

In attempt to cover the black ass of our first black president, waxman, typically used his “office” to complain that Solyndra principals, who used their First Amendment right to respectfully decline to respond to House Congressional legitimate questions, were being harassed by Republican members of the committee. The loan to this failed (one of many GREEN) company was restructured to have investors reimbursed first and America 3rd and last? Anyone involved at least with the latter must be prosecuted and sent to a prison without perks.

waxman’s feeble brain, if he has one (he has no conscience) should be reminded that Solyndra has failed dragging about $500 Million tax payer’s money along with it. The moron from california should be reminded that obama et al guaranteed this money because it was green, he personally invested $90,000 plus dollars in it and the Jewish anti-Jew who sent Hungarians to their deaths (according to his own 60 minutes testimony) is a major stock holder. Yes….this is the same George Soros who has both bankrolled and pulled obama’s puppet strings at least for the last 3 years. The same Soros, who heavily invested in the Brazilian oil industry, while perhaps instructing obama not to drill our natural resources.

The American people must reject, along with someone, anyone with intelligence in California to both investigate anything that waxman perhaps might have been involved in illegally and reject him as an American, and a californian. The issue of HUMAN DOES NOT COME INTO PLAY SINCE HE DOES NOT HAVE THE REQUIRED CREDENTIALS OR DNA


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