Kirsten Powers is a beautiful, intelligent, well-educated young woman from Alaska, who is a frequent guest on the Fox network, and tagged as a Fox contributor. Powers, a democratic strategist(whatever that means), is usually pitted against a conservative “contributor”, and finds every which way to spin the lies and deceptive tactics perpetrated by the obama administration. Case in point would be last night’s absurd position taken by Powers regarding Solyndra. Does Fox just give her the negative part of the debate and ask her to defend it or does she truly believe in the destructive policies or lack thereof that has pushed our country into a recession. Her immediate answer to Solyndra was to blame the Bush administration which refused to sign off on the loan, that obama moved rapidly ahead on because of his incestuous relationship with democratic contributors and his idiotic, money losing “green ideology”. So many of the liberal media that “contributes” to Fox seems to be asked to take a similar position, one that I find a waste of air time. Can any of these people, Beckles included, offer a more realistic approach like telling the truth for a change? Or possibly debating with facts instead of blame.

If telling the truth means losing their position as a democratic liberal, a better choice could be moving to the right and a more conservative approach. I am certain a job would be available for Kirstin Powers on our side of the room.


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