The United States Constitution, a document that obama would like to shred, provides for the impeachment of a sitting president for acts described as crimes and misdemeanors. With each passing day the list of possible impeachable acts grow larger and more despicable, considering the fact that in probability, ideology entered into every decision made by obama and members of his “court”. While the Solyndra fraud has just risen to the surface, the whistle was blown back in January of 2011, and even earlier, but White House emails/memos suggest that dealing with it was detrimental to the president’s plans for re-election. It is all about obama and his attempt to cover up all of the alleged fraud his administration might be involved with.

Republicans, Independents and even some intelligent democrats should call for the impeachment of obama without fear of being called racists, since it will occur when ever obama is called to task for anything he says, does or does not do. The impeachment of obama will be the impeachment of a president who just happens to choose to be black and not the impeachment of a black president.

There have been so many issues regarding this president and the lies he has told the American people on a repeated basis. We must not forget the Acorn scandal and obama’s ties to Acorn during his Chicago years and to the present. The bailout of the Shore Bank in Chicago whom obama is allegedly tied to, to the tune of $75 Million dollars. The fact that G.E. head Jeffery Immelt, who head some kind of presidential business advisory board, received special favors where $5.1 Billion dollars of profit were not taxed. With regard to the Solyndra scandal, it appears to be no secret that the White House possibly tried to hide it from the American people. The fact that the CEO of Solyndra and its major stock holder, Kaiser, a substantial contributor to the obama war chests were visitors to the White House over 20 times.obama promised no ties with lobbyists….HOW’S THAT FOR SHOVEL READY? THE WAY TO GET AROUND THE LOBBYISTS ISSUE WAS TO MEET WITH THEM IN A RESTAURANT NEAR THE WHITE AND NOT IN THE OVAL OFFICE. HE HAS FOOLED ONLY THE DEADBEATS WHO CONTINUE TO WORSHIP HIM.

Now it has been alleged that a general who recently testified at a congressional hearing was pressured to “say the right things.” He apparently rejected the pressures. This president and this administration have more to answer for than Andrew Johnson or William Clinton, both of whom were impeached, but neither of whom directly and adversely effected the economic health of this country as did obama and his cronies.

Americans should write to their Congressmen, democrats and Republicans alike and demand answers as to why obama should not be impeached now. Are they afraid that Joe Biden or Hillary Clinton MIGHT be more formidable adversaries than obama whom NO ONE LOVES DESPITE HIS PLEAS FOR LOVE IN A RECENT POLITICAL SPEECH. What president has ever stooped so low? I can’t think of any.


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