BOB TURNER WINS BY 8 POINTS OVER democrat david weprin IN THE CONTEST FOR anthony weiner’s seat IN CONGRESS.

The fact that a Republican has not been voted into an ultra strong,  decidedly liberal congressional district encompassing Brooklyn and parts of Long Island, since 1922 is an outstanding victory for Bob Turner and a repudiation by Republican and democatic Jews of obama’s disgusting policy toward the State of Israel and his rudeness shown to its prime minister Netanyahu.  It will be clear that obama and the dnc will either spin or ignore the loss of the seat that the disgraced weiner held. I might suggest that Turner have the seat lysoled before he occupies it.  obama will show his utter disdain for the wishes of the people of that district when he ignore the U.N. decision on whether or not to grant statehood to the palestinians who never were a people or occupied a country other than parts of Jordan and Gaza. obama will more than likely remain mute on the subject of granting statehood to terroristS, or ISLAMIC TERRORISTS, words he has been unable to utter.

The democrats tried every dirty trick in their book to get weprin elected. They lied about Bob Turner, used tactics to frighten the elderly and took his comments out of context for illogical sound bites.  The Republicans had two positive forces on their side. Former Mayor Ed. Kotch had already shown his anger regarding obama’s position on Israel, and former Mayor Rudi Giuliani also advocated for the ultimate winner. The IMPEACHED william clinton backed the loser.

In Nevada, “dirty harry’s” state, a Republican won the election over a democrat for a congressional seat, putting two more in the column for the good guys. But for the wrong Republican nominee  in the 2010 election “dirt harry” would be home defending his reported land grabs. ANOTHER REPUDIATION FOR OBAMA. STILL TO COME IN 2012, THE ULTIMATE REJECTION OF THE CURRENT OCCUPANT OF THE WHITE HOUSE.


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