zerobama came up with a job proposal that would cost better than $440 Billion, but he “assured us” that it would be paid for. He also stated that if congress voted favorably, he would disclose the manner in which the funds would be made available. Let me see, where have we heard that before…Oh, Yes….the idiot Pelosi advised the American people…that when the horrendous, expensive, poorly thought out health care bill, aka obamacare, was passed, they would learn what is in it. We have learned what is in it. obama has learned nothing.

obama has the unmitigated gall to go on vacation to Martha’s Vineyard while asking America to wait with bated breath and anticipation for what his low-ness, would present last night. obama claims to be concerned about small business, but will tax the hell out of them claiming they are too rich for their own good. America learned nothing new from his “lecture”.

The European stock market reacted to his “magnificence” with a considerable drop. So much for him and his world leadership. I would assume that his incessant cry, last night, to have the “bill” passed fell on deaf Republican ears since it is purely a figment of obama’s imagination. He continues to press for temporary band aids such as pouring more “non-stimulating” money into infrastructure. He continues to want to spend despite the American people’s message that they want the spending curtailed. He listens to no one but whom he might view in his mirror. The biased media will not hold him accountable.

He will continue to demonize the rich while mingling with them and asking for more donations to his misleading cause. He will continue to press for more taxation of this group that pays most of the taxes that he miss-spends. He will ignore the fact that 47% of Americans pay NO FEDERAL TAXES, while his talking heads, democratic pundits, and supporters in the media try to deceive AMERICA by refusing to acknowledge this simple truism.

If obama had any real concerns about small businesses, he would immediately reduce the severe epa regulations that prevent so many of them from succeeding and hiring. The foolish “green” requirements should be scrapped immediately and “fat cats” like Gore should be exposed for the crooks they are.

If Republicans can take what little good he offered and create a more viable and reasonable plan more power to them. Look for obama and all of those idiots called democrats to condemn Republicans for not accepting his “shovel ready”(it would take weeks to clean the floor of congress) B.S. when he and they continue their attempt to keep control of this country. obama must GO!


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