The administration, the biased media and obama himself would lead you to believe that he has a plan that would provide jobs, reduce unemployment and thereby improve our failing economy. But…….the American people are asked to wait for this “magnificent announcement” by virtue of just another of obama’s dreary, weary, uninformative and purely political speeches. he is on vacation and we have been told that he has been briefed on Libya, whose intervention on our part has already cost the United States upwards of a billion dollars, in between golf, basketball, bike rides and trips to local restaurants for food that we are forbidden to eat. What is his plan for Libya, whose civil war is now in it 6th month, instead of the few weeks obama promised. In truth he has no plan since he “leads” from behind, still totally unprepared to be president of the United States. He has been so far removed from community organizer that he probably would fail at that “job” as well. What we might expect from his “new” plan is the illogical raising of taxes on the “rich”, increase in stimulus spending, (he has learned nothing), the printing of more money, promotion of his high-speed trains that no one will use, exhortation to buy such dreadful vehicles as the Volt that no one is interested in purchasing, perhaps the lowering of corporate taxes and removing certain loop holes(the only two items with merit), and the expected assortment of lies that comes with this administration’s attempt to justify all of its failures while placing the blame on others such as Conservatives and members of the Tea Party.

Americans had better read up on Agenda 21 and the regulations already proposed by obama’s Rural Council and how it will affect the farmers of our country, potentially driving the majority of them to sell off their land, that is if someone has money to make the purchase. Americans should continue to ask why both obama’s surrendered their law licenses, something that is not readily done in Illinois unless an attorney has been involved in a severe ethics violation or crime. Americans must continue to ask for a legitimate birth certificate if obama plans to run for re-election, as well as his complete medical history back to the good old Chicago days, and his college and postgraduate records, all of which will be asked of the Republican candidate to wich he will lose on November 6, 2012. He should not be allowed to get away without providing a complete dossier, as was allowed by the media, and certainly by reid, pelosi and the rest of the democratic leadership. When it is proven that obama never had the credentials to run for the presidency, both reid and pelosi must be investigated by the Senate and House Ethics Committees.

On another note, this administration seems to be ignoring the recent increase in violence on the Israeli-Egyptian border and attacks by Hamas on innocent Israel citizens and tourists. Hillary Clinton must still be trying to remove her foot from her mouth when she stated that Assad was one of the good guys. she must be one hell of an anti-Semite, and if she runs against obama for the nomination, no Jew should consider contributing to her campaign. the arab spring that obama keeps on lauding will produce a muslim extremist government in Egypt with Sharia law imposed as well as the potential for the same in Libya. Great job….obama!


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