maxine waters from the not so great state of california, in a recent hissy fit invited the Tea Party to go to hell. This was undoubtedly an invitation for members of the Tea Party to join her, but they will not be going in that direction. waters who has yet to undergo her ethics violation trial by the United States House of Representatives, as did Charles Rangel who was censored, because of the propensity for democrats to protect each other no matter what crime may have been committed. It has been alleged that waters used her congressional, influence and position to provide assistance to the One United Bank of which her husband was a director. These spoiled “brats” of congressmen and women feel that they can say and do what ever they wish without recourse. Of course, so many of them represent california, a state that is floundering debt while they seem not to any problem paying their own bills.

waters recently attacked zerobama on his lack of consideration of his black brethren during his recent tour in buses made in Canada to the tune of 2 Million dollars each, when he made sure to only cater to the white folks of Iowa and Minnesota, where the unemployment rate is lower than the rest of the nation and certainly the ghettos of Michigan, Newark,NJ and St. Louis Missouri. waters continues to shriek about this riling up the congressional black caucus suggesting that zerobama may lose his black base. I DOUBT IF obama IS HAVING A BEER ON HIS MARTHA’S VINEYARD PORCH WITH MANY BLACK TOURISTS, TAKING UP TO 2 WEEKS OF VACATION.

If and when zerobama realizes this, he will surely come out with yet another statement….BUT THIS ONE DECLARING THAT HE IS WHITE!


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