obama’s agenda not only includes the destruction of our economy to put us on a par with Kenya and other third world countries, but also to indoctrinate our children from Kindergarten to believe what liberals/socialists and communists(progressives) think is a better form of life style. This includes the teaching that homosexuality could be a good choice, that a heterosexual marriage might be a bad one, that success in life is not a necessity that one should strive to reach, and that life in the womb may have no significance. obama has endorsed all of these in many of his too many speeches, his refusal to accept the premise as outlined in a law that accepts the fact that a marriage is between a man and a woman, his acceptance of gay marriage, and his promotion of abortion for which democrats want funded by tax payer money.

With a pen held in his leftist hand obama can and has by “executive order” denied existing laws, ignored the United States Constitution to which he sworn an oath, using this totalitarian power to do harm to this country and its people. He was unfortunately elected president and not King. Too bad he does not realize this. This leftist democrats, whether they believe in obama or just believe in their own right to be perpetually re-elected, who voted for obamacare and cap and trade and all of the other bills that have led to our current debt crisis must be denied re-election if running for office in 2012.

Adolph Hitler had a very effective propaganda minister who easily turned the German people against themselves. How difficult would it be for obama, if re-elected(God forbid) flushed with “victory” and with his ego further , to carry the indoctrination of our children even further to report family member’s objection to administration policies and whatever other information the government would like to have.. It has been reported, even now that school children might be rewarded financially for reporting truancy of fellow students to their school officials. If you recall obama wanted his own standing army of youth in addition to our armed forces. With a flick of that pen, it could become possible. Could these obama kids be the ones to enforce his policies as his own Hitler SS and Gestapo?

Liberal/leftists would deny this and Independents might think it far-fetched, but Americans must be on guard for more erosion of Liberties. obamacare has provided for the government to go into your checkbooks and debit it for payments it deems proper for healthcare payment. pelosi doesn’t believe you have a right to your 401k and stated that government would better manage them. obama has flicked that pen again to grant amnesty to illegal aliens, an illegal act in itself, just to gather in more Hispanic votes.

obama has already tried to take over the internet under the guise of national security. With this power, he could negate the social networks that would normally alert everyone as to what government is doing. He could censor all blogs and close down the sources that many of us use for real news. Since he has most of the media under his thumb now, what would it take for the FCC to close down stations such as Fox and those radio stations that air conservative opinion.

The democrats will do any thing to acquire power. They are not trustworthy or honorable. They do not deserve another chance to correct all of the wrongs they have done to this country. This true for some republicans who have seen fit to align themselves with them for purely selfish and political reasons. WATCH EVEY MOVE obama MAKES. LISTEN TO WHAT he SAYS. reid and pelosi are just stupid, but nevertheless dangerous if they accede to everything obama wants. NOVEMBER 6, 2012 IS NOT THAT FAR AWAY.


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