It is very difficult to show respect for a man who never provided real proof of birth, medical records and schooling. It is difficult to respect a man who has no idea of what leadership entails and continuously blames others for is own horrid mistakes, and they are many. It is difficult to show respect to someone who has not earned it by knowingly telling repeated lies. The office of the president of this country is due respect but only when zerobama has no physical presence in it. It is difficult to respect a man whose ego is illogically bigger than his knowledge but not greater than his dishonesty. It is difficult to respect a man who lectures without professorial portfolio to others more knowledgeable than himself. It is difficult to respect a man who has never provided any evidence other than his love for the muslim faith and its goals, rather for country, its people and their safety. It is difficult to respect a man who holds town meetings, that are contrived, scripted, and where any patriotic American with a more difficult question is shoved aside, called a terrorist and then issues a denial that any such comment was made. It is hard to have any respect for zerobama. he has not and does not wish to earn it.

After hearing Governor Perry’s comments, yesterday, obama rejected them but was so magnanimous to “give Governor Perry a pass.” Who does this man, who came out of no where with suspect credentials, never held a job, never did a payroll, never achieved anything other than being a community organizer, think he is to lecture to a three-time Governor who has increased the Texas job force and balanced its budget. I believe the term community organizer was used because RABBLE ROUSER was already taken. Do not forget, that this man who more than likely, illegally, occupies the White House came from Chicago politics, the best example of the worst corrupt leading the most corrupt.

Perry correctly responded with “actions speak louder than words”. zerobama’s actions at best, have destroyed our economy, sent millions of Americans jobless, encouraged U.S. goods to be manufactured abroad, denied our right to drill for oil while donating millions of tax payer money to Brazil to do just that, undermined the true conduct of war, cannot utter the words Islamic Terrorists, forced a soon to be repealed unconstitutional health care bill down the throats of Americans who objected to it, showed disrespect for Israel while helping and abetting our enemies in the middle east, such as Hamas and the Palestinians, and got us involved in a non-war in Libya which he now owns. DID I LEAVE ANYTHING OUT?


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