It has been reported that hollywood is preparing to currently shoot and release a movie about the killing of bin laden on the eve of the 2012 presidential election to make him the hero he is not and never will be. Since hollywood has been behind what we have lacked in leadership for the past 3 years, perhaps it might be patriotic for Americans to turn their backs on the trash that is still being filmed, and spend money that remains after obama wrecked our economy, in more productive ways. Buy American flags for example.

If Obama or any of his flunkies are complicit in the sharing of intelligence secrets that could endanger the security of the United States, does this fall into the category of crimes and misdemeanors and is therefore an impeachable offense?

I find it most disgusting that such information has been released at all yet alone during a mourning period for the fighting men who lost their lives as a result of a grenade launched into their helicopter in Afghanistan. While it was admirable and certainly politically correct for obama to fly down to Dover, Delaware to greet the bodies of those who died last week, he did not abide by the families wishes regarding photography. Taking with him, I presume, the White House photographer, a finely crafted photo was made of him in partial salute, something he has never seemed to have gotten right.

If this release of material that might endanger our national security is found to be worthy of impeachment, the attprney general should excuse himself from any and all participation that would involve the justice department.


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