barack hussein obama, who will spend part of Ramadan while again on vacation at Martha’s Vineyard, has placed his re-election bid over country with regard to his stance on the debt ceiling and ass-kissing of his leftist base, while attempting to make the Republicans who have presented plan after plan the “BAD GUYS”. Despite all of the help he will get from the biased media, America has awakened, is aware of his responsibility for the dire economic situation in which we find ourselves, by virtue of fair reporting on the part of some TV stations and newspapers as well as instant access to information to the internet. The only group who will believe anything obama says are the morons who will vote for him again because they are democrats by birthright(?) and the people still with their hands out for more stuff promised. The spin that the democrats have come up with is he is showing great leadership by not leading. He has done that since January 2009.

As long as none of the meetings between democrats, republicans and obama are televised live, there is nothing obama can say that will or should be believed. obama and his whorde (not a typo) have used every scare tactic possible to convince America they are being truthful. Every thing they have said has been a LIE.

obama is terrified that a short-term solution to the debt ceiling problem will allow it to rise again before election 2012. HE IS AFRAID THAT THE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH WILL SABOTAGE HIS BID FOR ANOTHER TERM. IT WILL! He is even willing to allow for no tax increases in order to have Boehner accept a long-term agreement. Boehner and the Republicans must stand their ground and insist upon CUT CAP and BALANCE again. Continued refusal by the senate democrats to participate in the prevention of a default by the U.S.will clearly define them a contributors to the destruction of the American economy, entrepreneurship and capitalism. Actually the latter will not happen on Aug 2, since Obama signed a bill back in the spring to change the focal point of all of this to late September. ANOTHER DAY…ANOTHER LIE FROM obama and the democrats.


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