As all Americans struggle with the economy, unemployment, the cost of gas, fuel and the extraordinary increase in the cost of food staples, are some Americans, by virtue of the color of their skin entitled to more “stuff” than any other American who has worked to maintain a job, sustain a business, and justifiably keep the home they purchased based upon their own (not government) ability to earn the right to and meet mortgage payments without the benefit of illegal waivers because of race or trumped up minority status.

Where in the U.S. Constitution is there a provision for some bizarre aberration called affirmative action, where those who earned the right to an education can be displaced by someone identified as a minority based upon color or even possible illegal status. Not only can the more deserved on the basis of quality be displaced, but there has been a need to provide an education in places such as Harvard or Yale, whether earned, deserved or affordable to people of color or minorities at little or no cost to the student(s) in question.

The Civil War sadly provided a need for so many grave stones for those brave members of the armies of both the North and South. It escapes no one that so many blacks, slaves and freemen alike died as a result of being active participants in this horrific senseless war where families were committed to have brothers fighting against each other. There are too many among us, including obama who feel the need to ask for reparations for blacks 147 years after the end of the war between the states, just because they assume the “entitlement” to do so. They would be considered no better than latter day carpetbaggers who for some unexplained reason believe they are entitled to more.

In the 1960s Martin Luther King came forward to speak for black Americans and ultimately was able to make the Constitution work for all people, color not withstanding. His life was sadly cut short by a bigot, who saw the potential of King’s movement more of a threat than the contribution that it provided. I do not recall King referring to himself as an Afro-American. This is no more productive than manufacturing a feel good holiday called Kwanza or me suggesting the hyphenated essential of calling myself an American-American-American which entities me to no more than our Constitution provides for all citizens of this country.

Can anyone show where in the laws of our land, a black person, be he or she a member of our Congress, is entitled to cheat, lie and steal and be given a “politically correct pass” because of race? When did it ever become acceptable to call anyone a racist who might disagree with a president or member of congress who happened to be black. Where was it ever written that in order to be “politically correct”, a member of an opposition party should feel obligated not to correctly respond to defaming allegations. Show me the words political correctness in the lexicon of the Constitution. Why should not our Justice Department treat members of the Black Panthers in the same manner as when any other American breaks the law? Should the Attorney General of the U.S. be allowed to ignore allegations of flagrant intimidation at voting places by black militants just because he happens to be a member of the black race?

It is understandable that black people felt the need and had the enthusiasm to vote for America’s first black president, but it does not excuse the fact that obama was never qualified or prepared for the job. White people have not been excused for their own unfortunate lapses of judgement. All of those who were waiting for “stuff promised” and who never received all of the “stuff” to which they believed entitled, will nevertheless vote for obama again because he is black and never provided the transparency(joke) promised. If any one was listening, obama clearly laid out his plans in all of his speeches for the economic destruction of America. Blacks will remain indifferent unless they have taken the time to educate themselves. I hope they have made an attempt to do so.


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