Since patriotic Americans celebrate the Fourth of July, Independence Day, with more than just exploding fireworks, it is important for all to understand why the American Revolution was so essential and the meaning of those words written into our Declaration of Independence. The first paragraph needs no interpretation, since it clearly cites the needs and reasons for the American Colony to separate from Britain and assume all Rights to which people are entitled according to “THE LAWS OF NATURE AND GOD.”

The second paragraph is significant since it immediately defines what America is all about, beginning with a powerful statement concerning equality and the rights of a people under God. “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, and that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable Rights, that among them these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

The first two Rights are clearly defined, but for many liberal democrats, the definition of the Pursuit of Happiness has been twisted and muddied to suit their own political purpose. Every American is entitled to pursue Happiness, but the founding fathers never meant that everyone was to be given as an entitlement, everything they wished for. No where in this Declaration or the Constitution is a pursuit of happiness defined as reason to share the earnings of some one who has worked hard to secure them for self and family. Everyone has the Right to seek employment and be hired based upon ability and level of education reached, if so required by an employer. Additionally, people are entitled to seek the education they desire, and educate themselves by earnest study. It was never guaranteed that everyone would be able to attend the university or college of their choice, if it was in no way affordable to do so. It was never intended, in this respect, for government to interfere with the Rights of an individual for the sake of a member of a minority. Affirmative Action was never intended by the founding fathers to be part of their declaration or the Constitution. And lastly, the distribution of wealth earned, was never included, intended or addressed.

The next portion discussed how a government by men will secure these Rights, having derived this power from the CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED. There was never a right of executive order. It clearly defines the Right of the People to abolish a government that may interfere with these Rights, and institute a new government. The American people have the right to do this every two, four and six years by virtue of the Right to Vote their Conscience, presumably after serious deliberation regarding WHO MIGHT BEST SERVE THE PEOPLE. Sadly, everyone does not always make the best choices, voting with their emotion and not their brains.

It has become most apparent that the current administration and governing body in power has in so many instances ignored the meaning and substance of the Declaration and has attempted to redefine what has been written in our Constitution to appeal to those who promote something illogically called social justice, global democracy and collective religion, all under the auspices of progressivism. In their attempt to re-create our country, these people have spit on and burned our FLAG, attempted and succeeded in some instances to remove GOD from our pledge of allegiance, that our school children have rarely been allowed to speak, have attempted to remove portions of our National Anthem that they deemed inflammatory, and have as a standard-bearer, an individual who has on occasion not saluted the AMERICAN FLAG. They have re-written history in school texts to propagandize our children, encouraged the teaching of homosexuality in the lower grades and removed certain passages and wording from classic literature believed by them, not to be “politically correct”.

America is in the process of understanding the lack of “transparency” in the administration and the decided and repeated lack of truths uttered by the president and liberal members of congress. We have that Right to vote them from office and this we must do in the coming election cycle. The founding fathers placed important checks and balances which have not been utilized in the past almost three years. It is time for the Congress, both the Senate and House hold a Republican majority if for no other purpose, than to undo all of the damage obama and his handlers have done to the economy and the stature of the United States in the world community. It was the intent of the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution (OUR LAWS) that the American people have the ability to RIGHT the WRONGS perpetrated upon them.

November 2012 is not that far away. America must rethink its priorities and vote, based upon decency,leadership, ability and not just color or false promises.



  1. This is great but is is biased. Politically slighted.

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