Fox News’ continued attempt to stay fair and balanced by having so-called liberal leftists continue to present their biased case, has become rather tiring. Such uninformed people like Allen Colmes create chaos when interviewed by talking over the argument presented by a conservative guest by being loud, persistent and no less rude than the likes of anthony weiner who had time again proved what a boor he was.

On the other hand Shamnu Green, who always has a sweet ….eating grin on face, is not rude but continues the pattern that liberals are always correct and can do nothing wrong. The problem is that no matter what issue is to be discussed, the viewer can depend upon the liberal apologists repeating the party line without missing a step.

Is there a liberal out there in video world who is capable of responding to any question concerning the performance and policies of obama, reid, pelosi and the rest of the liberal horde without finding anything amiss? Apparently not. And when pressed to respond, their lack of knowledge coupled with lack of facts provides the impetus to just blame George Bush.

While it is important that both sides of an issue should be fairly presented, it does not mean that the “liberal contributor” should be allowed to speak longer, yell louder, be as obnoxious and rude as possible to make their “non-point”. On the other hand, those who are willing to see through all of their subterfuge will understand how disreputable and crude these people really are.


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