It is time still for napolitano to be to be removed from her job, even though it might take a huge lever and a crane to accomplish this. With each passing day and with increasing evidence that the tsa under her auspices, cannot and is incapable of doing what they were hired for…TO PROTECT OUR AIRPORTS FROM TERRORISTS AND NOT OLD LADIES WEARING DIAPERS.

Perhaps napolitano and all of the people “under her” should be sent through the scanners to see if there was any suggestion of any of them having functioning brain matter.

The latest abuse of their job description was allowing a Nigerian national to be able to fly from New York to L.A. with expired boarding passes that did not even bear his name. Reportedly, the only reason, he was finally questioned was because passengers claimed that he stank. The stink goes all the way back to the office of homeland security.

Any one who has had any experience with the people, hired at our airports, particularly Newark, have been screamed at by people with no good command of English and garbed in traditional attire worn in the native lands from which they have come. Additionally, the touchy-feely examinations of children, men, women and the elderly in wheel chairs by people who should never have been hired for these purposes, underscores the failure of those in charge at tsa and homeland security levels. Billions of tax payer dollars have been wasted by people just not doing the jobs for which the were hired. I think the American people should be advised of the following: How much are tsa workers paid: What perks do they have?: How are they screened?: Is speaking English a requirement?: How many consecutive hours do they work?: How many breaks are taken?: Is union membership required? Perhaps the same questions should be asked of napolitano.


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