Since obama has not a clue how to be president. how to lead the country in a positive manner, how to deal with our failing economy, how to format a concise and detailed foreign policy, and how to do anything but run for political office and raise millions of dollars while his people and the rest of the United States struggle to keep their jobs, acquire new jobs or keep a roof over their heads. what he has proven day in and day out with each new and re-addressed old lie is that he is nothing but a community organizer and I truly question whether he was good at that either.

obama has found a way to spend our money foolishly with the help group of idiots called democrats whose only interest and goal is to be re-elected so that they can inflict more damage on the rest of us. The schumers, rangels, hoyers and the likes of pelosi have absolutely no interest in the welfare of the American people no matter how much they protest, lie and try to deceive. These disgusting liberals are aided and abetted by a group of biased media morons who could not find gainful employment in a sewer if they were fired from their present jobs. Even making that comparison would be an affront to sewer workers of America.

More than half of America is fed up with obama and his handlers. It would be hoped that despite any and all propaganda he and his crowd of socialists, communists and radicals try to dump on America, all of them will be turned away in Nov. 2012


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