In the past, the “good ole boy” system worked to perfection in our United States Congress, as time after time people nominated by a president received accolades for performance without anyone really looking into backgrounds for information that might have yielded information that might disqualify the nominee. This applies to congressional confirmations no matter which party was in power at the time.

Did our Congress properly vet Leon Panetta before confirming him to be CIA Director, a post he has held for the past two plus years, and have they again been remiss in doing the same regarding his confirmation as Defense Secretary? Mr. Panetta has had questionable associations during the time he represented his California district in Congress, and more recently has been involved with the so-called “green movement” in a number of ways.

It is not so much what questions Congress asks of a nominee, but more important what Congress has not asked. Trevor Loudon and Cliff Kinkaid reported in a June 8, 2011 edition of NEW ZEAL that Leon Panetta had a previous relationship with Hugh DeLacy, who was named a fellow member of the American Communist Party by the groups attorney, John Abt. According to the information provided, DeLacy remained a member of the Party until his death in 1986. It was reported tha Panetta spoke at the memorial service because of his close relationship with DeLacy.

Panetta was a member of Congress from 1977 to 1993, representing of course, California’s 16th district. During his time in Congress, it has been reported that Panetta shared preference for Latin American communist regimes with DeLacy who had visited and honored the Sandinistas regime of Nicaragua, and opposed President Ronald Reagan’s efforts to neutralize it. Panetta worked with the IPS (Institute for Policy Study), allegedly funded by George Soros to provide cover for Chilean Marxist initiative to conduct political influence operations in Washington. Panetta also reportedly was a vocal opponent of Chile’s anti-marxist government.

It has been suggested that Panetta’s pro-marxist support in Latin America was responsible for the CIA’s inability to halt the advance of Hugo Chavez. It has also been suggested that Panetta had actively sponsored the political career of obama who selected him to be CIA director.

Prior to his appointment to the CIA, Panetta had co-chaired the Joint Ocean Initiative which allegedly has plans for an International Monitoring of the oceans of the planet. Aaron Klein stated yesterday on ABC Talk Radio, that the parent organization of the Joint Initiative Council, which is a group whose purpose is to over sea the oceans, the Citizens For Global Solutions also promotes world government. This is supported by the Global Center to Protest, one of the many shadow organizations allegedly funded by George Soros as well. Part of its proposed policy is to have the United States place is oceans under a U.N Regulation Convention on The Law of The Sea, which defines the right and responsibility of nations in their use of the world’s oceans, establishing guidelines for business, environment and marine life.

This would allow for no further drilling off shore and will reinforce obama’s clear intention to keep us subservient to Middle East oil and particularly Saudi Arabia. It is amazing how interconnected all of these “shadow organizations” are. It is important that the American people learn now HOW DIRE THE SITUATION IN WHICH WE LIVE, AND FULLY COMPREHEND obama’s INTENT TO DESTROY OUR LIBERTIES AND AMERICAN VALUES.

Aaron Klein also underscored the lingering disbelief that obama was born in the United States and the increased feeling that the alleged birth certificate was as much a fraud as our president. Despite the fact that Fox News signed off on the certificate, Klein pointed out that only one so-called expert claimed it was authentic without any further substantiation. GARBAGE IN, GARBAGE OUT!


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