I have been following the Casey Anthony trial because of my interest in forensics and the fact that I have been able to view it easily on my Ipad. Yesterday’s proceedings by the defense proved to be tedious, once again reviewing hair sample after hair sample, most of which had been used for test and study purposes. The prosecutors cross proved to be no more revealing when he went over, yet again the same samples of hair. The inference to be drawn from all of that was the fact that it could be concluded that hair follicles found in a car could be determined to be those of a postmortem individual as testified to by the expert witness.

It was also revealed by Casey’s mother that it was she who had researched Chlorophyll or Chloroform on the family computer, possible putting a dent in the prosecution case. Today Lee Anthony, Casey’s brother was questioned as to what he knew and when about his sister’s pregnancy. He admitted that he had purposefully been left out of the loop by the family and broke down in tears during the defenses examination of him. Geraldo Rivera, a Fox contributor, stated that he felt that Lee Anthony’s testimony regarding the pregnancy seemed more that expected of a father than a brother. I have yet to hear or read any one question who the natural father of the baby was, and I find that rather strange. The baby’s name was CAYLEE, which can be a combination of the child’s mother and her brother Lee. The early suggestion that this family was dysfunctional with accusations that both the father and the brother might have abused Casey sexually, coupled with Lee Anthony’s strange testimony, one has to ask if he might be the father of the child.

Mrs. Anthony’s testimony that it was she and not her daughter who did the computer research will have to be believed by the jury to eliminate premeditation if Casey Anthony is found guilty. What mother could do less in order to save her daughter’s life?


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