For those of you liberals who get so uptight regarding the truth about obama and his failed policies and failed presidency, start opening up your minds and read other than the NY Times and watch other than NBC, its affiliates or CNN.

obama’s polls are tanking, so he has resorted in a panic to try to bolster them with idiotic temporary band aids such as releasing 30 million barrels of reserve oil at a time when fuel prices are falling. He has announced a scheme to give 1 billion dollars to some select 30,000 home owners supposedly in default. Which government genius is going to over see this one? It is inevitable that more dead people, convicts in jail and an assorted members of a minority will be collecting money. He spoke about returning the troops and freeing up trillions of dollars for “use at home” for a new stimulus program. Hopefully the Republican House will not allow obama to touch any of that money if and when made available. Every thing obama does he does for purely political reasons. The good news is he will not be in a position to touch any more of our money as an ex-president. AMERICA UNDERSTANDS THAT HE IS A LOSER, NOT A LEADER.

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