WHY obama WILL NOT BE RE-ELECTED IN 2012: he WAS, IS AND WILL FOREVER BE ONLY A community organizer

The current White House occupant will not be re-elected to the office he currently occupies, because it will eventually be proven that he was not legally entitled to run for the presidency, for starters. obama ran on a platform of hope, change, transparency, and removal of the lobbyist influence, but none of these admirable virtues have come to fruition. Instead, he, with the help of advisers, mostly from the University of Chicago or its environs, have ground our economy down having never had any clue regarding how to run a business. Some one other than his non-vetted czars and tax cheating Secretary of the Treasury should let the president know that running the United States is a huge business and not his part-time toy. I say part-time because of the relative amount of time he spends on golf, basketball and campaigning. rather doing the business of government. Most of his “brilliant” economic advisers have quit, so it is time for him to lay the blame for the failed economic policies on them rather than on George W. Bush.

If you look back to a post discussing the only route that democrats take in a poor attempt at debate with conservatives, you will note that democrats do not debate with facts, but speak continuously, and loudly, while using anecdotal information and lies in an attempt to divert the public’s attention away from their own misguided, judgmental failures.

Should obama’s attorney general, holder, be called upon by congress to explain the idiotic “fast and furious” plan which went terribly wrong. Someone other than the current ATF chief had to have signed off on this tragic plan where an American border guard was murdered by someone using one of the weapons that had not be traced. When will any one in this administration at its higher levels take any responsibility for anything that goes wrong?

It has been announced that tomorrow, obama will have a “big” pronouncement about troop withdrawal from Afghanistan. As much as I would like to see all of our troops withdrawn, that is not feasible at this time. obama ran on an anti-war platform, and has bombed Libya without congressional approval asked for and denied. Should not this president who knows little about anything, allow his generals to advise him regarding the withdrawal of troops, and not valerie jarett or the Irish-born wife of czar sunstein, who never have had any prior experience in the matter. Truth be told, it was the latter’s wife who had obama’s ear with regard to the need to bomb Libya. Forrest Gump’s mother in the movie used the phrase “stupid is as stupid does”. We have a lot of that in government and no amount of “chocolate” is going to right a ship that is floundering .

obama’s affection for Keynesian economics has led this country to a 9.1% (actually 18% and closer to 20%) unemployment rate despite his promise that his “great stimulus” would turn things around. Despite our dire economy, such idiot demagogues such as debbie wasserman shultz, just thinks we are doing fine. Now that we have weiner to kick around, it is great for the Republican party to have her leading the dnc to “greatness”. Speaking of the latter, he waited until the eleventh hour to submit his resignation with that flourished swirl of a signature to squeeze out every dollar in salary from the American taxpayer. Should he not forfeit all of his perks, pensions and health care or be forced to join an HMO?

obama has been silent on the issue of the nlrb against , lest he offend the unions he hopes will provide the monies that will help him reach 1 Billion dollars for his 2012 campaign. Will his secretary of state clinton shun reported position at the World Bank to run against him for the nomination? If so, should not Jewish Americans ask about both their real policies on Israel and about the Jewish people world-wide?

obama’s push for cap and trade both in the open and under the table has given us “green” energy that is supposed to offset the fake global warming issue. In truth, the windmills and electric cars and solar panels will provide jobs for very few at a great cost to the American taxpayer, when they try to upgrade or sell their home. Politicians such as schumer, frank and dodd with the help of Freddy and Fannie and banks that were forced to provide unsubstantiated loans have made it difficult for Americans to sell their homes, while forcing so many into bankruptcy. obama’s latest brainstorm is to provide 1 Billion dollars to 30,000 people who may be subject to are subject to foreclosure. On what basis will those be picked to receive such a boon?

obamacare was is and if not repealed will place more downward pressure on the economy and destroy the great practice or medicine as we have known it in the United States. Do not forget that all of the politicians who voted for but did not read the law beforehand will not be subject to its provisions. There is a DEATH PANEL, not called as such but presided over by 15 appointed bureaucrats who will make life or death decisions based upon cost effectiveness.Over 1400 waivers have been issued on a politically favorable basis to businesses, some of which are located in rich San Francisco where pelosi holds sway. If you recall obama promised that everyone can keep their insurance and their doctors no matter what. Was this statement based upon ignorance, lies and or subterfuge? I believe all of the above. Physicians are opting to leave practice for early retirement or going in to hospital based groups. Soon we must question the quality of doctors that obama will import from foreign countries with diplomas written in a language untranslatable.

The current democrat obstructive policies continue in congress with reid in the senate keeping quiet and the rest of them in the House repeating lies about what Representative Ryan’s plan will or will or will not do. The recent disgraceful ad depicting an elderly lady being thrown over a cliff was just another example of what democrats will do to avoid the truth. Republicans should not waver regarding cutting spending as a requirement before raising the debt ceiling becomes a consideration. Let the democrats wallow in the sewers of deceit they have chosen, and soon no one will blame George Bush for anything since the entire onus of destructive economic, energy and foreign policies is and will be the sole responsibility of the community organizer and his handlers.

According to a recent Rasmussen poll, Americans have indicated that they believe that major changes in government must occur, and that a political revolution may be in the forefront in 2012, because of their complete lack of faith in government, its corrupt politicians, its size, its restrictive nature, its spend-spend policies, and its disconnect from the will of the American people. The obama administration’s refusal to accept this, just underscores the latter.


3 Responses to WHY obama WILL NOT BE RE-ELECTED IN 2012: he WAS, IS AND WILL FOREVER BE ONLY A community organizer

  1. And people think Congress should handle our healthcare? Who are the bigger idiots, Congresspersons or their constituents.?

  2. I’m impressed, I must say. Really not often do I encounter a blog that’s each educative and entertaining, and let me let you know, you might have hit the nail on the head. Your concept is outstanding; the problem is one thing that not sufficient people are talking intelligently about. I’m very completely satisfied that I stumbled across this in my search for something relating to this.

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