Coupled with his demonstrated lack of leadership, obama continues to lie about anything and everything as he deems the opportunity presents itself. The question that every thinking American must ask is whether or not he believes all of the lies he tells. How stupid he must feel the American people are. We are aware that our math skills leave a lot to be desired, but his creative math has become an absurdity, reflecting either raw stupidity or absolute disdain for America and the American people. This man, when he is not occupied on the golf course, basketball court or flying around the country for the pure purpose of electioneering at the tax payer’s expense continues to deceive, each time he puts his face before the microphones. It would be hoped that all of America sees through this blatant deception, but unfortunately, we have among us socialists and communists in government with an agenda and a lot of ignorant democrat-loving people in this country.

Chrysler was “stimulated” with $14 billion dollars of our money, unilaterally and without any approval other than from non-vetted czars and a tax cheat we have for a treasury secretary. Despite obama’s over the top claim that Chrysler had paid back the “loan” in full, the truth is that only perhaps $6 Billion was returned. Ronald Reagan has been called the GREAT COMMUNICATOR, while the current White House occupant will go down in history known as the great deceiver. The current democrats in congress who march in lock step with him and applaud his every lie should be turned out in their next election cycle. The current Republicans who sit mute and do not call him out on each and every deception should be removed as well, for a new breed who show the courage of their convictions, whether they run as Tea Party advocates or just plain conservative Americans “FOLKS”. The latter is a term obama uses much too frequently to show he is just “one of the guys”. he is not and never will be fondly remembered in the hearts and minds of normal thinking Americans.

The MOUTH THAT ROARED IN 2004, howard dean, yesterday postulated that Sarah Palin could beat obama in 2012. One has to wonder what purpose he had in mind when he made the statement. Since he was governor of Vermont at one time (what were they thinking),sadly graduated from the same medical school as I, and tried a run for the nomination in 2004, he probably has concluded that everyone particularly conservatives will hang on to his every word. He is obviously not the genius he would lead every one to believe his is. Could this be subterfuge to allow some people to think that Palin would be electable and therefore allow for her nomination to run against the president, who not only does not deserve to be re-elected, but more than likely never deserved to be elected in the first place. Other than Herman Caine who says what he means and means what he says, but also is not electable, no Republican who has currently announced his candidacy has presented himself as someone on a mission. dean’s pronouncement is just subterfuge and nothing more and just punctuates his final shriek heard round the world in 2004 when it became clear he was not to receive the nomination of his party.


  1. Start by impeaching our problem before he can do any more damage.

  2. Well Mitch, I firmly believe that this CREEP and Pelosi and the rest of hiscriminals are going to FAIL! You can see signs of it Now, ie, the town halls.I believe we have to tell everyone we can to keep them informed of whatthis creep is doing and I believe we have to SCREAM it out to our Congressmanand Senators. I also believe we have to convince people that that they needto VOTE-VOTE-VOTE!!!! I believe we can neutralize the Obamas and thePelosis and the rest of those people! I also believe we have them worried!!We have to keep telling people what is going on in Washington. The 2010elections can make a big differience in Congress. I call my Congressmanand Senators all the time and I keep reminding them, the American Citizensare FED- UP and we are going to VOTE. I have talked to many of the Democratsthat voted for this Creep and more of them are saying, if they had known whatthis CREEP meant when he said he would bring change, they would not havevoted for him.

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