In a flurry of statements which are now being questioned because they appear contradicting, anthony (THE WHINER) weiner has attempted to distract and now avoid any questions regarding whether or not he sent suggestive pictures to a female college student in Seattle. Initially, weiner stated that he did not twitter the picture, confusing TWITTER with FACEBOOK. If he was truly hacked as was suggested by him, why did he not have the FBI involved rather than call in a lawyer to investigate the matter? My first suspicion was that weiner knew that he would soon be in need of an attorney for his own defense. Now, it has been alleged that weiner has redacted, stating that “it was a prank”.

Now weiner is not one of the most attractive people on this planet. In fact he might be one of the most unattractive. Some have suggested, after having seen the alleged photo of the “enlargement in the underwear”, the alleged enlargement could have been enlarged. So…is this really weiner’s weener? Could weiner be asked to prove that the weener in the alleged photo was not his?

If this was a prank as reported, it is another example of how power corrupts. If weiner sent the photo, he needs to resign from congress as did other congressmen guilty of lesser “pranks”. I would like to see him in the well of the House of Representatives trying to defend himself, instead being rude as his want to reporters trying to do their job. We have seen weiner in action when interviewed by Megan Kelly. If guilty, this angry man should be drummed out of congress and not invited into the NY mayor’s office.

Let us not forget that weiner/whiner totally embraced obamacare, verbally abused naysayers and now has asked that New York receive a waiver. Buffoons such as chuckie schumer immediately came to the defense of weiner’s weener controversy. What does he know about it? He, too needs to find other employment.



  1. Jay says:

    This will be all over late night, and may even give him a boost to the left….people will have more fun joking about it,his bad behavior will be forgotten or forgiven.Very sad….Too bad he didn’t send this his wiener to a male, the gay guys usually resign, like tickle me Elmo guy………

  2. Biggerweenie says:

    weiner’s cooked. stick a fork in him. That was really his nose wrapped in a pair of Hanes.

  3. I have gone to so many links that say to contact our congress people. After I fill out my info and try to submit, it says you have to fill out everything marked with a red arrow, dot, etc. and this is usually asking how much I will contribute. If one is not marked, you cannot submit your vote. We are senior citizens on a fixed income and cannot afford to contribute to our usual charitable organizations except our church due to major health problems. We due what we can when we can. So Ive given up on going to these links. The only one I can send on is News Max. I will do what I can by blogging and voting. At the moment, Im trying to convert a liberal grandson.

    • Red tape is purposely placed there, but you do not have to donate to have a question, concern or opinion. Would you consider taking your issue up with your local Tea Party organization?

  4. Dora says:

    I on the other hand have belief that this most of The usa had not been that brainless to vote for Obama.

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