In a speech delivered, albeit not at the time initially announced so that the TV stations would be champing at the bit awaiting his every word, obama, in general attempted to appease his muslim friends, in the guise of making a world shaking speech regarding his new (latest) middle east policy. He had the absolute gaul to compare the muslim uprisings Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Bahrain, and Yemen to the cause for freedom demanded and ultimately achieved by our heroes of our American Revolution. obama must be reading some of the tripe now found in history books, re- written by liberals and unfortunately taught to our children in our schools by the same liberals. obama applauded the attempt of these people in these riot torn countries for their attempt to achieve reform through democracy. obama knows well that the probable end result of this “democratic reform” will be the establishing of Iranian like government along with a caliphate long demanded by such people as the muslim brotherhood. This is the same muslim brotherhood that obama’s people in the state department said were peace-loving and offered no threat. At what point will obama shed all of the deceit and come out of his own religious closet and declare himself a muslim once and for all? In the book “Dreams of my Father”, whose aurthorship has been challenged, obama stated that if ever a choice became between muslims or otherwise, he would take the side of the muslims.

The usual pre-speech garbage leaked out from the White House yesterday suggested that obama would not touch on the return to the pre-1967 war borders as preliminary to a real Israeli-Palestinian truce. He went right at with both barrels and did so on the day prior to Benjiman Netanyahu’s visit to the White House. If you recall during the last visit, he was snubbed by obama who has never visited Israel. Had he done so the Israelis would never have treated him in such a fashion. But then again, since everything is “all about obama”, he continually shows little respect for the country that has been our strength in the middle east for such a long time. Hopefully, Netanyahu will, in the British vernacular, tell obama to PISS OFF and not show up tomorrow.

The issue of the borders between Israel and its warring states that surround it has been present since the State of Israel was founded. Forces from UNICEF had guarded the Gaza strip and the Sinai peninsula since 1956, essentially creating a buffer between Israel and Egypt. In November of 1966, Syria signed a mutual defense pact with Egypt. Israel was forced to ward off skirmishes and attacks from the PLO and finally was forced to respond by attacking the city of as-Samu on the Jordan occupied West Bank. In May 1967, Egyptian president Nasser massed troops into the Sinai peninsula based upon information that Israel might attack Syria. Despite the fact that information was false, Nasser expelled the UNICEF troops from the area and took up position at Sharm-el-Sheik that overlooked the Strait of Tiran, whose closure to Israeli shipping would be considered an act of war by Israel. Nasser did just that. On May 30 1967, as Egypt and Jordan signed a defense pact, Iraq sent armored units into Jordan in support. Israel, faced with huge odds with Egypt, Syria and Jordan massed at its borders, attacked on June 5, 1967. Despite the numbers in opposition, Israel managed over the six days to take the Golan Heights, the Gaza strip and Sinai Peninsula and the West Bank of the Jordan along with East Jerusalem. In 1973, Egypt and Syria attacked and were repelled in their attempt to regain the conquered land.

Over the course of the years Israel has ceded back some of the land that it had improved. The Palestinian response was to destroy most of it. It has been very difficult to discuss peace with a group of terrorists whose only desire is the destruction of Israel. obama continue to provide aid and comfort in his actions and today underscored his real intent by “demanding” that Israel return its map back to what its was prior to 1967. Any American Jew who supports obama financially or emotionally is and will always be a fool. Now, in some respects, Israel has provoked anger because of some of it building of homes, but the unleashing of death squads, butchering innocent Israeli parents and children, and sending rockets over into non threatening Jewish communities is an act of savagery and nothing else. How would obama like to be living with his family in Israel under these conditions. I forgot he has never been to Israel. Israel should never give back any part of Jerusalem as alluded to by obama.

obama also made mention of what assad of Syria is doing to his people. This speech was purported to be an essay on what our Middle East Policy. After hearing it most Americans are still asking the question, WHAT IS OUR MIDDLE EAST POLICY? What is our present policy toward Libya? Will be react in a similar fashion in Yemen, Tunisia and Syria? What plans do we have for Lebanon which could be the next firestorm, and when will obama show his dismay for the manner in which the reform minded Egyptians are attacking Christians and burning their churches? He has no policy on anything. He never had one.


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