nancy pelosi continues to dishonor her office, the U.S. Congress, the House of Representatives, and the intelligence of a vast majority of the American people (not including her San Francisco constituents) and the United States of America by her most recent idiotic utterance regarding why a number of high-end San Francisco restaurants and businesses have been given waivers from obamacare. Her response to questions concerning why over 20% of recent obamacare waivers were given to her constituents, was to claim that not doing so would deprive thousands of people of health insurance. Perhaps she should have thought about that before she pushed for the passage of health care bill. It is obvious that she is one of the many she referred to with one of her most inane utterances, ( THERE HAVE BEEN SO MANY) “you will learn what’s in the bill after it is passed.” Pelosi is one of the most disreputable, repugnant individuals ever to sit in Congress. (THERE HAVE BEEN SO MANY OF THOSE AS WELL). All of her activities that have been alleged for personal gain should be reviewed by a Congressional committee on Ethics now. The Republicans have the majority in the House and should not be afraid to act. WHAT ELSE HAS SHE DONE NOT YET REVEALED TO THE PUBLIC?

In additional to her personal responsibility for strong-arming her colleagues in to the passage of the costly, purely partisan obamacare, it has been alleged but not yet investigated, her part in stimulus money being given to the American Samoan fishing industry, of which her husband is purported to own 17%. Additional stimulus money has been alleged provided to a railroad that passes through her vineyard. Additional moneys or PORK, that was earmarked for areas within her constituency that involved the investigation and saving of some insignificant fish.

She should also be investigated for possible misuse of tax payer monies with regard to her alleged use of a large fuel guzzling airplane used to ferry her self and her family and friends back and forth from Washington to California, as well as side vacation trips out of the country. In addition, why the need to spend tax payer money to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars to stock the planes liquor bar. In light of all of this, perhaps the Congress should investigate who is paying for the Botox.

Congress has held committee investigation of other of its members, some for more and some for less alleged violations of the public trust. Why should not this most vilest of individuals undergo closer scrutiny just base upon what has been alleged by the more intelligent, unbiased members of the media

This morning, Dr. Donald Palmisano, former president of the ama, responded to questions concerning the manner in which certain San Francisco places of business received 20% of the most recent obamacare waivers. He stated emphatically statistically, it was impossible for it to be a coincidence. It would seem that not every one could quickly reach the erstwhile “head” of health and human resources, but certainly pelosi could. This underscores why obamacare will not work, but also emphasizes how the “privileged” can get things done for their own people. In this case pelosi, who pressed so hard for the passage of obamacare, apparently now understands, having been informed that, business cannot afford it without a waiver. I would like to know what role if any she has played in other areas such as the unions’ receipt of waivers that can be renewed in one year. Where was Palmisano and the ama while the debates for and against obamacare were being held. Where was Palmisano and the ama when obamacare was being brewed in pelosi’s witches’ caldron behind doors closed and sealed to Republicansn


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