A while back when liberal/leftist/socialists were working on a plan to get an unknown into the White House by sharing none of his past, while clouding his plans for the future of this great country, a work book was devised to assist liberal democrats in making some or any response to positions or questions posed by thinking Americans regarding the formers so-called policies. Taking certain issues, past, present and future, this material was to act as a guide for responses whenever ear buds, cue cards, scripted audience reaction, anger, rebuke or teleprompters were not available.

If a Conservative Republican or for that matter any American with intelligence questions why this administration has not focused on the energy problem by not drilling for oil or natural gas within our borders, quickly offer a merde(fr) mangando( it) grin and find some illogical reason to blame George W. Bush and the late Richard Nixon for the problem. Then, do not allow a response from the Republican by talking over him with loud and unintelligible gibberish. Then claim that the administration is doing all it can do using sports terms, such as spike the ball or do something with the gold posts. The times that this might be acceptable is when Republicans constantly tell us “not to kick the can down the road” which is equally nauseating. Try to attack your opponent, claiming racism, even if can not be substantiated. If at all possible inject a racial complaint even though it might not be substantiated. DO IT ANY WAY, since it will get a whole bunch of people without a clue to respond violently. If that happens, just GRIN and blame the TEA PARTY FOLKS.

When the Conservative Republican questions the administration’s sudden reversal on drilling for oil and natural gas, abandon any mention of wind mills or solar panels and underscore the need to undo everything George W. Bush did to create the problem. Follow up with THE GRIN, prevent any response from the Republican and talk as loud and long as possible, showing your best sneer. Make sure to inject racism into the conversation.

If you are questioned regarding the stimulus and how it has negatively effected the development of jobs, use as many unrelated anecdotes as possible while presenting unsubstantiated data that has been fudged by the CBO under order of the administration. When asked about Biden’s job of oversight regarding the spending of stimulus money, show that GRIN and change the subject to how George W. Bush ruined our economy for obama. Be sure to talk loud and do not allow your Conservative opponent any chance to respond.

Your Republican Conservative opponent will pose a question regarding immigration and why nothing of substance has been done to curb the illegals from entering the United States, and what has really been done to prevent the flow of drugs and arms over the border from Mexico. Immediately tell us what a good neighbor Mexico has been and why its resorts are so great, specifically mentioning the quality and diversity of alcoholic drinks that are available to the American tourist. Ignore any questions regarding Janet Napolitano’s ability to deal with the problem, citing she comes from Arizona. Talk as loud as possible, drowning out your Conservative Republican opponent and be sure to show that S-E-GRIN. If there is any opening to blame George W. Bush, do so.

Since the debt ceiling is a hot topic and will be raised, immediately blast Conservative Republicans for creating an environment that will destroy Medicare for seniors. Avoid responding to any intelligent rebuttal from you opponent who has the facts to refute your every word, and do so by hollering, yelling or doing what ever necessary to not allow your opponent from presenting a reasonable answer. The Grin and attacking George W. Bush would be great as well. Claim that all poor people will die as a result of Conservative Republican policies and bring race into the equation.

If the Republican Conservative has questions about the president’s birth certificate, immediate respond by claiming that Conservatives never wanted a black president. Bring up unsubstantiated claims that black congressmen were spit upon during the debate on Health Care Reform. Underscore racism and blame the TEA PARTY. Grin and suggest that George W. Bush is responsible for all of obama’s problems.

If asked about obama’s relation to acorn, either lie or avoid he question. In other words respond the same way the president has. Defend all monies given to planned parenthood and deny that any of it goes towards abortion. If you are questioned about the current czar who is providing the curriculum for schools, deny or avoid any response to his sexual preference or the fact that he plans to teach homosexuality at lower grade levels. Show that GRIN and loudly blast George W. Bush for being an ultra heterosexual.

If and when asked about the first lady’s interference in the school lunch programs, suggest that Americans are too fat any how. Avoid if questioned about the high caloric White House fetes and the fact that the flotus might have put on a pound or two or three….or four…..Talk loudly and persistently since you will have nothing which to back up any rebuttal you may require. Try to inject racism. Somehow bring Sharpton’s name into the debate. Proclaim you were too young to remember Tawana Brawley. Deny any knowledge of any inciters of anti-law enforcement being invited to the White House, and try to convince everyone that the purchase of four pound lobsters will boost the economy.

If questioned about the quid pro quo between obama and the unions, say Samuel Gompers fives times loudly and hope that your Republican opponent never heard of him. Then discuss all the good things done by the unions avoiding any mention of Jimmy Hoffa or Giant’s Stadium. If it comes up blame George Bush even though he could not have been involved, and a repeated reference to racism would be good, along with that S-E-GRIN.

The question of Harry Reids recent successful bid for re-election might come up regarding voting improprieties. If this occurs, immediately invoke racism against native American Indians, use that GRIN, talk over your opponent and underline thew fact that what ever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas……(NO MATTER HOW ILLEGAL)

The Republican Conservative will most like bring up the matter of what the New Black Panthers did during the 2008 election in Philadelphia. Avoid any discussion about the difference between the new and old Black Panthers, and shriek racism. Explain that the decision of the Justice Department was reasonable and make a point of charging racism again if the race of the Attorney General was brought up. Do not allow a response and find a way to blame George W. Bush but do not disallow the use of dead people who might wish to vote in the 2012 election.

Defend Nancy Pelosi’s over zealous spending, while doing the same regarding obama’s pitch for the Olympics in Copenhagen, and flotus’ exorbitant cost for her trip to Spain with all of her good sisters. While you’re at it proclaim that obama’s use of Air Force One, and the cost of fuel, allowing him to fly around the country in an attempt to be re-elected in 2012 as justified. Make certain you inject racism and if possible blame George W. Bush. Deny any knowledge that the American people have footed the bill for all of Pelosi’s botox injections and state emphatically that they were all cost-effective. Give that GRIN and cry racism a few more times. It wouldn’t hurt.

Deny the presence of a DEATH PANEL even though you know it exists albeit under another name. Defend the Science Czar in his bid for euthanasia, the regulations czar in his determination to give animals equal rights to sue and the former green czar (an avowed communist) who would allow your rhododendron to sue for lack of watering in a timely fashion even if drought prohibited it. TALK LOUD. DO NOT GIVE YOUR REPUBLICAN OPPONENT ANY ROOM FOR RESPONSE, SHOW THAT GRIN AND CRY RACISM AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE. OH, YES….IF ABLE, BLAME GEORGE W. BUSH…IT WILL NOT MATTER WHAT FOR.



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