Due the stupidity of so many people obama was elected president, but is he acting more like a stand-up comic than a world leader who swore when inaugurated to protect the people of the United States! One has to wonder if his raised hand was absent as he was in so many votes during his brief time in the U.S. and Illinois senate. In a recent correspondent roast, our chief stand up comic was front in center to ridicule Donald Trump, by flaunting the possibility that the piece of paper allegedly called his birth certificate was in truth valid. In the wake of recent tornadoes that destroyed much of the South East, and the current flooding through Tennessee, Mississippi and once again threatening New Orleans, Obama has taken his comedy on the road to El Paso, completely neglecting what has happened in the aforementioned areas, as well as the economy and the high cost of fuel. He is as much a natural disaster affecting all of the United States.

Yesterday in El Paso, Texas, before a group of most likely pre-screened and pre-paid advocates (money can get something beside votes), some of whom expressed their “love” for obama (if male, certainly corroborates his disdain for traditional marriage), gave an election speech “oratory” more in the tradition of so-called comics as behar (ugh) and W. Goldberg. He clearly was stumping for the Hispanic immigrant voters, who incidentally cannot vote legally. That did not seem to matter in 2008 and 2010 when voter fraud was suspected and proven in some cases where votes of the diseased were counted in favor of democrats.

After making reference to the audiences use of sunscreen and an analysis of the weather, obama spoke of a recent commencement address, he made, literally commending illegal aliens for earning diplomas in a school where they potentially took spaces from American citizens, both naturally born and naturalized. He was so proud of he fact that as flags of the nations represented by students were unfurled that students cheered those that represented their country. We must not forget that obama has been pictured so many times with his hands in his crotch during the PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE TO AMERICA. He claimed we are a nation of immigrants. That he could be one of them has yet to be proven, Then he provided the usual democratic liberal tearing at the heartstrings to get an emotional response. I doubt if he believes any of what he spoke.

He then went on to praise j. napolitano, one of the worst heads of Homeland Security during the short time it has been in existence, as he got to the real reason he was basking in the Texas sun. He was there to pitch for what he calls immigration reform and what harry reid failed to push through the senate, the dream, (NIGHTMARE) Act. obama claimed that thanks to napolitano, he has accomplished so much regarding border security. He actually has accomplished nothing, because of his fear of not being re-elected in 2012. He knows that legal Hispanics do not accept or like his policies across the board, and this is an attempt to win them back.

As part of his COMEDIC ACT, obama then proceeded to disparage and mock those who had the nerve to call his bluff on his accomplishments, make some references to what his critics believe might be real accomplishments in border security and finally suggested that perhaps they might want to have a “moat built and fill it with alligators”. He claimed that he saw some agents on horseback and the “looked rather tough”. This of course got applause from the flunkies in attendance. He failed to mention the ill-conceived plan to allow Mexican gun runners to purchase weaponry, some of which might have resulted in the death of both U.S. citizens and American border guards. The are thousands of unprotected areas on the border. Mexican laborers, Mexican drug and gun runners, have crossed and continue to cross the border along with who knows how many terrorists for purposes of evil. obama will say what ever the particular group he is appealing to want to hear. The truth has never entered into it.

The remainder of his speech was as irrelevant as what preceded it. obama fools no one who has checked his voting record on immigration during his brief sojourn in the U.S. Senate where he spent most of his time paid by voters to run for the president. Can any one in their right mind believe anything this man says. If so they too are mindless.


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