The Thursday evening debate among a collection of Republicans in South Carolina did little to identify the best candidate who might send obama back to from where ever he might have legitimately come. Significantly missing were “potential candidates” who for what ever reason have decided not to declare or have declared but made an unfortunate mistake of snubbing South Carolina.

Of the six who managed to show up, the two that rose above the rest were Herman Cain and Tim Pawlenty. Ron Paul was a distant third with rhetoric that might appeal for the moment to his constituents, but he and Johnson of Arizona showed their disdain for “water boarding” despite the fact its usage has given us a significant advantage, including the search and demise of bin laden our main goal after the murderous attack by Islamic Terrorists on the Twin Towers and the American way of life on that Tuesday morning of September 11, 2001. Pawlenty was easily applauded for his stand on the positive decision of Boeing to add an additional state, South Carolina as a site for its latest endeavor. Not too many of the candidates were willing to call out obama and his control of the unions with regard to their objections to the South Carolina site.

As is was assumed, none of the debaters applauded obama’s economic or foreign policies. It was more notable that a handful of quasi potential but as yet committed and uncommitted candidates did not appear.

The weakest presentations were offered by Johnson and former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum. Their candidacies will not progress. Despite his absence, Donald Trump’s persistence regarding how forthcoming obama has not been regarding so much of his history, will continue to resonate and be an issue all American’s want resolved. Could Cain become a viable candidate? Probably not for so many reasons, the most poignant being his admission of little knowledge of foreign policy.

We have yet to hear from Gingrich,bright but with too much baggage, Romney, while declared has only going for him that he looks presidential. Despite Romney’s declarations regarding Mass. Health Care to the contrary, it is obamacare. Both Sara Palin and Michelle Bachmann are bright, intuitive and attractive, but neither candidate could or should take first place on the ticket since, while the American people were willing to (sic) try out a black man, they will not vote en mass for a woman for president, right or wrong.

Trump says what it is but goes beyond what might be considered reasonable. Gutter talk will appeal perhaps to those who unfortunately will vote for obama, but not to the rest of us. His business acumen will not take front stage with part of America. The Republican candidate for presidency should demand answers to all of Trump’s reasonable questions, carry forth the concerns of conservatives and those members of the Tea Party so instrumental in the 2010 midterm election gains, and provide to the people every bit of the Transparency promised but never brought forth. No one man can have all of the answers, but he or she, if the case might be, should have some sense of business and surround himself with trustworthy people of character who understands capitalism, disdains socialism, refutes the idiotic cap and trade energy premise, agrees that the repeal of obamacare is a given priority, who embraces the traditional marriage between a man and a woman, openly places America before all others because of pure patriotism, will undertake what ever it required to make this country less dependent in foreign oil, but not by giving into lobbyists in support of fanatical so-called “tree huggers” and believes in the value of human life. I could readily vote for that person. Now, Huckabe, Huckabe. Where art thou Huckabe?

Anyone voting for obama would be the best example of a vote wasted.


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