Those liberals who wept with relief that obama had finally released his “birth certificate” should not throw away those tissue yet, since more information has come out suggesting that the certificate released by the White House may have been forged. The alleged “real document” which lists obama’s birth date as August 4, 1961, also lists the name of a father, Barack Hussein Obama , age 25 years to have been born in Kenya, East Africa. Kenya became an independent country only in 1963, and thus could not have legally been the country of his birth as so named. Prior to that date it was called the British East Africa Protectorate. Further evaluation of the “certificate” shows that the race of the baby “obama” was African, which was not a race and would normally have been listed as Negro, on a birth certificate, and which was the common terminology used at that time. THe place of birth was listed as Kapi’olani Maternity and Gynelogical Hospital which did not exist as such. In 1961, in Hawaii, there was a Kauikeolani Children’s Hospital and a Kapi’olani Maternity Home existing as two separate entities. The name was not changed until 1978 when the two facilities merged. Therefore the name of the hospital as listed would not have appeared on the legal birth certificate of Barack Obama. This information is available if one would just google ‘obama birth hospital’. The next question is the reliability of the raised seal if it exists.

obama wrote a letter on January 24, 2009 on White House stationary congratulating the centennial celebration of the Kapi’olani Medical Center for Women and Children, noting it as “the place of my birth”. The letter is signed Barack Obama.

Those who jeered Donald Trump for his persistence to get answers about this current occupant of the White House should, perhaps start asking hard questions of their own. I would hope that in tomorrows debate among probable and declared Republican candidates in South Carolina, all would have the guts to ask, now for obama to make available, his medical records and evidence of education. That piece of paper shown last week should be re-evaluated for dating to see just when it was written. It may be worth no more than a blank piece of paper.



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