On December 20, 1998, in a CBS, 60 Minutes program, verified by snopes, Steve Kroft interviewed george soros, self-made billionaire, and financial supporter of obama’s quest to turn America into a socialize state. During the interview, that can be obtained on the internet, Kroft questioned soros regarding his life in Nazi occupied Hungary. It is a historical fact that soros whose age at the interview was 68 years, had been born to wealthy, “well-educated” Jewish parents. At the time of the Nazi occupation of Hungary, his father was a “successful” attorney who lived on an island in the Danube. Understanding what lay ahead for the Jews in Hungary, his father “split” the family, purchased forged papers and paid to have george sent to a Christian family whose bread earner’s job was to confiscate Jewish property.

As part of the Kroft interview, soros was shown pictures of mistreated Jews and asked if he was a Jew, to which Soros gave unintelligible responses. He was asked if he posed as a Christian and responded, “Right”. The transcript reveals that Kroft asked him about footage of Jewish people being pressed into boxcars. soros did not deny his remembrance and said “this was when my character was made”. He admitted that he experienced a “tremendous threat of evil”, but also admitted that he had accompanied his ‘godfather’ in confiscating Jewish property. When asked if the task was difficult, soros stated that it offered “no problem at all” without any feeling of guilt, suggesting that he was only a spectator. Having known men who were children at the time of the Holocaust, and who lost entire families I can well understand the need for survival, but deny any guilt whatsoever for what befell his people, must not be condoned. A 14-year-old, soros age at the time was old enough to know right from wrong. He has not learned it to this day.

So now we have gyorgy schwartz, born in 1930 and whose father changed the name to appear more gentile, after the war comes to America and finds a job in lower Manhattan where he ultimately amasses a fortune, by allegedly questionable practices and is called by some a “planetary parasite”. As monetary crises occurred, soros found work “stimulating” as he allegedly contributed to them. His puppet obama has promised billions to Brazil for the purpose of offshore drilling for oil. It is no secret that soros is a major stockholder in the effort which might provide a windfall for soros, while obama continues to prevent drilling on the American continent that could eliminate our dependence on foreign oil and provide thousands of jobs for Americans, something obama refuses to do. Soros continues to undermine our economy with obama’s help, advancing such lies as global warming and the need for cap and trade legislation. A subsidiary of soros, the Apollo group under the watchful eye of obama was allowed to write the stimulus program. soros allegedly has his fingers in many pies, namely the carlyle group, the tides foundation, media matters, the ACLU, the ? defunct Acorn and haw many more. Both obama and soros are products of Alinsky’s plan to destroy America, enabled by Piven and supported by all of the unions who continue to enrich their leaders over the bodies of the rank and file.

If for some reason obama, angers soros, he will pull the financial plug and look elsewhere for a means to create economic chaos and socialize the United States. This man, born a Jew, who disdained his heritage out of necessity for survival never regretted what he had to do. He is a pariah that the Jewish people should be most elated for his choice no longer to be a Jew. Normally Kaddish would be said. soros is not worthy of it.


3 Responses to DECEMBER 20, 1998: 60 MINUTES STEVE KROFT INTERVIEW WITH george soros: soros “i HAD NO SENSE OF GUILT”

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