We, as a country, have spent billions, more likely trillions of dollars on third, fourth or fifth world countries, over many years to earn their respect. When will our government learn that respect is not earned by the amount of money given but the by the force we might show to command that respect without one bit of extortion. The current administration as well as all that preceded it that had to deal with people like Gadaffi or Karsid or Mubarack, or the rulers of Yemen have been paying the same tribute that Jefferson and Monroe refused to pay to the Barbary Pirates. Pirates are pirates, as shown by the Somali thugs that have taken more ships for ransom than the likes of any 16th century pirate. For some idiotic reason, we pay tribute to these people to make them like us. This will never happen, since they tolerate us for the period of time they can extort money from us. And our governments willingly play the game anticipating an edge. It boils down to a competition between Arabs or muslims for our dollars. What do they give us in return? They do not remove the threat of beheading of the infidel. They do not remove the threat of destroying our only (ours not obamas) true ally in the middle east

We have paid Pakistan an inordinate amount of money to provide us with intelligence and allow us now to enter its borders. To whom does the money eventually go? We understand that much of it could be used to support the Taliban effort in Afghanistan. Does it make any sense whatsoever to fund an enemy that will use those funds to purchase arms that will kill our military? Intelligent thinking people would say no, but it happens nevertheless. Our president or his advisers at the White House or the Pentagon have either not thought this out too carefully, or perhaps they believe that the expenditure will happily add to the destruction of our economic infrastructure.


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