The hunt for osama bin laden began hours and days and hours after this monster engineered the murders of 3000 Americans on 9/11/2001. President George W. Bush initiated this mission, although obama should be congratulated for his participation that led to its ultimate outcome. The president gathered information provided from many sources of intelligence, particularly essential from GITMO prisoners, by what ever means required. and in concert with the CIA, signed off on the undertaking that has removed bin laden from this world.

All of the real credit and tribute and salute and thanks belongs to the brave Navy Seals and helicopter pilots who were able to find bin laden, who used a woman as a human shield to justice once and for all. What ever occurred during the fire fight that caused someone to fire the fatal bullet eliminated the need for wasteful trials, albeit military, maybe, and had the potential of keeping the monster in the headlines for a long time. The decision to bury him at sea was well-considered and prudent, so as not to leave just a memory and not a shrine or memorial to this man who was instrumental in the murders of muslims and Americans as well.

People are already suggesting, for purely political reasons that this “momentous occasion” will now define obama’s presidency. One case in point is ny(d) representative, ackerman who this morning demeaned George W. Bush and praised obama stating that the latter showed leadership while the former only dreamed about what was yesterday accomplished. The sniveling ny democrats cannot in any way find any fault in this lack luster president.

obama’s presidency was defined, unfortunately, when he found the need to bow to the Saudi King, and then continued to apologize for America’s “sins” around the world. It continued to be defined by his poor economic policies that have undermined our growth, effectively destroyed small business, and created doubt as to our continued expectation as a world power. It has been defined by his wavering and inconsistent foreign policy, and his inability to make decisions about dealing with crises as they occurred. It has been defined by his mishandling of unemployment. It has been defined by foreclosures. It has been defined by his failure to understand that the stimulus has failed terribly. It has been defined by his health care law, that if not repealed, will.not only cost this country billions it cannot afford, but also destroy the delivery of the best medical care in the world. It has been defined by the current cost of fuel to which he has been indifferent, because of his catering to lobbyists and special interest groups, under whose pressure he constantly caves. It has been defined by his refusal to utilize the natural resources this country has to offer to remove out dependence on the middle east. Instead he speaks in platitudes about expensive electric cars, windmills and hi-speed railroads no one will utilize.

It has been defined by his failure to keep a promise of transparency in government. It has been defined by his persistent indifference and failure to listen and connect with the American people. It has been defined by the tenacity of the Tea Party in the midterm elections where less taxation, reduction in spending and smaller government was demanded by the American people. It has been defined by the lavish parties thrown at the White House, the people’s house at a time of great unemployment and escalating cost of food staples. It has been defined by the obama family’s attempt to interfere in the daily lives of Americans, determining how and what we eat and what is best for our children at school. It has been defined by the manner in which he treated the Prime Minister of Israel and the way he has taken the side of the Palestinians, led by Hamas. It has been defined by his arrogance in not providing proof of birth until recently, and it continues to be defined by his refusal to share his education and medical records, smirking at those requesting them. It has been defined by the people with whom he chooses to associate, such as ayers, wright, soros and the collection of sinister czars and union leaders from whom he seeks advice. It has been defined by the fact that he will not disdain ministers at his “church” of worship who preach racial hatred and rails against the “white rich”. He has been defined by his lack of leadership, inexperience and poor comprehension of what the AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE is all about.

bin laden is gone, but there still remain so many of his followers who are equally as ruthless. This president in the waning year of his presidency will have to show guts and intent with regard to waging the war on terrorism, while using those words, and to bring all of our troops safely back from Iraq and Afghanistan while keeping us out of any new conflicts.



  1. Olusanya Gbolahan Vincent says:

    In 2007,during the presidential debates, Obama said he would go into Pakistan and take our bin laden without the knowledge of the Pakistani goverment if the United states had to.He was derided and accused of being naive and lacking foreign policy experience by his now secetary of states Hilary clinton and the whole republican right wing nutters rush limbaugh,glen beck beck et all.Fast foward,4 years later and that’s exactly what he did and bin ladin is dead.And ya’ll wont even give him any credit?cut the guy some slack.

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