obama and his cadre of leftists liberals have, from the moment it was believed that he was a viable candidate for president, used tear jerking, anecdotes, most of which unsubstantiated, to change the minds of college students, independents and many just sitting on the fence to believe that the democrats were the answer to everything needing change. The soap opera stories were thrown out via the media and TV whenever the opportunity arose for the president and his lap dog followers to give a speech or attend a photo-op. Many of the “stories” told by the president and meant to touch at the heart-strings of the American people were ultimately found to be fabricated. Some one back in the dnc or the White House must be assigned to create almost believable narratives as the need arises to make a point. obama will relate that he received a phone call, or met someone on the street, or was given a letter from a person with a story to tell of how he or she was abused by a system, obama had been “chosen” to correct. It is more probable than not that the 2012 presidential election will be won by the person and party that tells the most believable lies These lies will have only anecdotal information to substantiate their “plausibility”. To date we have heard so many stories created by obama and his handlers,it is time to counter them with more realistic complaints that have more merit.

Edna Sophia Jones of Flint, Michigan, who voted for obama because she believed him to be black, has stated that she has waited patiently for all of the stuff promised her if she voted democratic. When asked who would give her the stuff, she stated emphatically, obama. Edna is proud that a member of her race was able to become president, but now she plans either to vote Republican or not at all. She never got her stuff.

Harry Josephson, of Monroe, Township, NJ complains that his physician of thirty years is leaving practice since he can no longer afford to put a key in his office door. When Harry asked for a referral to a new doctor, the office told him that he might have to travel to Ocean County for care which would be quite a distance from where he lived. Two nearby Community Hospitals had to close down and he now has to travel thirty miles. Harry is a diabetic and has already undergone below knee amputation of his right leg. He believes that obamacare has created this problem and it will get worse if not repealed. He plans to get to a Tea Party Meeting if he has to “wheel himself there.”

Maureen Flaherty is a single mother of a two-year old autistic child, recently moved from Idaho and who has not been able to get an appointment with a pediatrician since no one in her area can take Medicaid. The offices she called told her that the doctors were rarely paid for seeing Medicaid patients.

Jean B. , who works for a general practitioner in Buffalo N.Y. complained that when she reported Medicaid fraud to the county office, she was told to mind her business since it was less work involved to ignore such complaints.

Arthur Morton, a seventy-year old from Tampa, is concerned that his seventy-three-year old wife may need hospitalization and that continued care might be denied by a band of bureaucrats led by HHS. He adds, that as an accountant for forty years, now retired he took the time to read the obamacare “bill”, and believes there is a death panel although called something else. He states that he has great concerns about obama’s head of CMS, who he believes has more interest in the bottom line than the needs of the elderly.

Jack Morales, of Arizona claims he has been robbed three times at his small ranch by drug smugglers. Local authorities complain that their hands are tied because of ICE. He states that letters written to Homeland Security have never been answered. He regrets that the best solution the government had was to put a sign up near his property that told people the area was dangerous.

Janet Rodriquez, mother of 10-year-old twin daughters, has complained repeatedly to the Oakland Board of Education that their teacher is using guidelines from obama’s state education czar to teach and promote homosexuality in the classroom. In discussing the issue with other parents, she found that none of them had been informed.

Mark and Gloria Finster of Enid Oklahoma, want to know why obama waited to show his birth certificate, and wonder if it has been forged.

Hector Morales, a native of Ontario, brought his son to a Detroit, Hospital for treatment of a Wilms tumor, since the wait in Canada, he believed would prove fatal. Mr. Morales raved about the treatment and concern of the American doctors, and could not understand why the United States might choose a health care system like that of Canada. He went on to state that he had previously lived in Britain, where his mother died of cancer because of her inability to get proper and timely care.

John Strong of Woodstock, NY had run out of his blood pressure medicine. A Kingston pharmacy was unable to refill it upon orders from his insurance company and was told he had to wait a week according to the date on his prescription for a refill. He became so angry, he suffered a mild coronary upon returning to his car and required hospitalization.

Louis Klein, who owns a liquor store in Madison, Wisconsin recently had a visitor who told him that it would be wise to place a sign in his window that he supported the Unions. When he said he was neutral on the matter, he was threatened with a boycott at the least.

Similarly Joanne Richardson of Louisville, Kentucky needed medication that was not listed allowable drugs by her insurance company and she could not afford pills that cost $5 dollars each. Apparently there was no generic that could be substituted. Her doctor gave her what samples he could obtain. The most disturbing factor was that she questioned the insurance company when she made application and was assured that her medication was covered.

Martin Phelps, owns a company that employs fifty-four people. He has been able to provide health insurance up until the present, but the cost of insurance has risen since obamacare was passed, he can no longer afford to do so. He states that the people he employs have been like family and hopes he will not have to close down his business of thirty years. He wants to know why he can’t cross state lines to obtain insurance at a more competitive rate.

Stuart Gordon, a pharmacists living in Henderson, Nevada, wrote that on the day of the 2010 midterm election, three “thugs” came to his door suggesting that it would be in his best interest and that of his pharmacy to vote democratic. Since they had no way of knowing how he voted, he changed his mind and voted for Engel.

Mary Horn of Philadelphia relates that when she went to vote in the 2008 election she felt intimidated by two men, whom she later found out were members of the New Black Panthers. Mary says, she nevertheless voted for McCain, but does not understand why our Justice Department did not view this as a severe violation that should be decently dealt with.

Edna Flourish of Montgomery, Alabama, went to a country sponsored woman’s health office because she believed she was pregnant. Without an examination, a clerk offered the alternative of abortion. She complained to the director of the office, but was never contacted further regarding her complaint.

Harvey Landon, M.D, an obstetrician practicing in Metuchen, NJ was forced to leave his patients and move out-of-state, since he could no longer afford to live in the area, nor could he pay the outlandish cost of malpractice insurance. Dr. Landon wrote that he had never been sued by a patient, and the costs were attributed to issues of possible malpractice by other obstetricians and the high awards given. He does not understand why Tort Reform has not been addressed by Congress, although he is aware of the fact that most of the members are attorneys.

Misha Brudzinski of Lansing, Michigan complains that the day before election day in 2008, a man and a woman came to his house to “sign him up to vote”. He asked for their credentials but they had none. They left in a gray van owned by what appeared to the State Detention Center.

In the 2010 midterm elections, Charles Tanay of Las Vegas found the name of Harry Reid already checked off on his ballot. He was told that it could be changed. When he said he would immediately call the attorney generals office he was given another ballot. He is not certain if it was ever counted.

Ken Close of Topeka wants to know why obama said people could keep their own doctors with obamacare when he knew it was a blatant lie.

Burton Fast of Kenosha, Wisconsin is a truck driver who states he can barely afford to feed and clothe his family that includes four children, two of whom were adopted. The cost of fuel has taken such a terrible toll on his bank account, he might have to sell his truck. Fast does not understand why obama is underwriting Brazil
and Columbia for drilling and refinery improvements, while America’s vast resources go untouched. He will continue to vote Republican and hopes all of America comes to its senses.

Betsy Forman is a kindergarten student who came home crying because she was told that she could not have a cake or cupcakes to celebrate her birthday with her classmates. Her older sister, Jen, a senior in high school wrote the letter and stated that this was a terrible thing to do to young children and wants to know why the president’s wife is so mean. She also noted that some of her own school activities have been curtailed because the bake sales they relied on to support cheer leading had been disallowed.

Courtney Small complains that there is nothing good to eat for school lunch. She says while she likes some vegetables, she feels that the government has no right to tell what she can and cannot eat. She plans to bring her own lunch.

Lawrence Simon of Baltimore, Maryland writes complaining that the White House is throwing lavish parties, serving the same food that ms. obama is telling the rest of us not to eat. He is reminded of some one in history who said “let them eat cake” disturbed by the fact that the obamas seem not to note the amount of unemployment and the economic down slide

Annette Harmon of Edison, NJ took her four young children to Neward Airport to make a plane to Orlando and a vacation in Disney World they all looked forward to. Annette’s husband Bill had died of pancreatic cancer three months ago. The children, ages two to seven, became immediately frightened when they were on line to present passports by a man who yelled at them in a language they did not understand. Annette tried to explain that he wasn’t yelling but that was his normal voice although heavily accented. When her seven year old daughter was touched in her private areas by a total stranger, she became terrified, but this did not dissuade the TSA worker from continuing on. Annette used her camera phone to record it. She wishes to thank the head of Homeland Security for what her children had to experience and cannot wait for her to be fired.

The letters are fictitious, but the information is real and stressful to all of the American people who experienced the hardships that obama and his socialist administration have purposefully promoted in the name of liberalism.

If people were willing to send anecdotal information that supports this position, I would welcome it, and add them using first names only if so desired. All of the lies told and are still to be told by this administration must be neutralized by American people willing to refute them and provide their own true history of abuse they believe caused obama’s “misguided” policies.


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