With more pomp than circumstance, obama stood at the White House podium and announced that his birth certificate had been delivered and he was now legally born. This raises a number of questions, however. While Donald Trump took credit for the arrival, certainly his prodding may have pressed the president’s handlers to come forth with the document now. On the other hand some might suggest that they were waiting for the paper to age and or the ink to dry. Now for those who doubted the validity of his birth, might they now be ashamed that they believed him to be not from Kenya, but from another planet. The issue of timing remains questionable, and one might wonder if obama wished to offset the orchestrated but bad news that Bernanke was going to deliver via press conference concerning his desire to print more money. Perhaps, he should be printing euros and other European and Asian currency to offset the continued decline of he American dollar.

obama smiled from ears to ears, and stated that he had more important things to deal with rather than the foolishness concerning his birth certificate which he magically dealt with. He then proceeded to tape a show with FLOTUS and OPRUS. Then he took off for fund-raising in Chicago, followed by a swing about to NY for the same purpose. WHO DOES HE THINK HE’S FOOLING? ONLY THE STUPID PEOPLE WHO MIGHT VOTE FOR HIM AGAIN. Despite the positive stock market, the economy is still tanking and our position in the world remains frayed. This man is so disconnected from the wishes and needs of the American people who are suffering at the gas pumps, the super markets, and the unemployment lines. But is he really disconnected? We all realize that he is not as bright as first thought to be, but being a made up product of Chicago politics and Socialists money, he still must fulfill the agenda to which he is committed.

If obama sees no chance of being re-elected, he might inflict more damage on the economy between now and election day 2012 to repay the vile union bosses, his handlers, and the socialists and communists whose only interest in him is as their pawn. Republicans must unite for the common purpose of defeating obama and the rest of the liberals in the next election.


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