It was clear from the onset of obama’s non-illustrious beginning as president that he would be bad for America because of the people from whom he would choose to seek advice. The so-called czars of which there are too many, too costly and never passed through congress for vetting and consent. They are a pot-pourri of alleged terrorists, communists, socialists, eugenicist, radicals and include one alleged child porn advocate.

van jones, an admitted communist, had been obama’s green czar until forced to abdicate. He continued his harangue for social justice (neither just or social) where people were foolish enough to listen to all of the hate that spewed from his lips. In a stretch of the imagination he has become the spokesperson for the rights of Mother Earth. It is extremely appropriate that he plans to defend every plant and creature particularly the lowly earthworm. Who in their right mind thinks this man filled with hate is an appropriate defender of Mother Earth?

This takes us to cass sunstein, the regulatory czar. He would like to regulate the life of every American. Perhaps if van jones finds someone abusing an amoeba, he will have sunstein charge, and jail that individual after a substantial fine. If you remember, sunstein wants animals to have legal rights to sue their owners.

sunstein’s wife, Samantha Powers, an Irish national, worked on obama’s campaign until she said something disgraceful about Hillary Clinton and was asked to leave. Somehow, she turned up at the White House to become obama’s advisor on middle east issues and had his LEFT EAR pushing for our attacks on Libya. It has been alleged that she might be in line for Hillary’s State job. Please Hillary don’t leave until obama is impeached or defeated in 2012.

john holdren is the science czar. He believes in population control. He has two choices in this respect. 1. The Death Panel, 2. Euthanasia 3., Restricting pregnancies ,4. Doing away with the young with life threatening illnesses, 5. Removing the mentally ill from the population. What a great guy. He should move to China where some of their practices will certainly appeal to him.

Last but not least, we have the state school czar kevin jennings, who is alleged goal is to create a gay curriculum. In the past week, one has surfaced where teaching in the lower grades would include fictitious contributions to history by gays, lesbians and transgenders. Needless to say, many parents are objecting to this. All parents should object to this. jennings also has a history of allegedly promoting gay porn as reading for 7th to 12 graders. Is this someone who belongs anywhere near our children. Thank you mr. obama for another excellent choice.

In the weeks to come, I plan to research more of the “wonderful” people who are suspect that this president has brought into OUR WHITE HOUSE, who have never been vetted or required congressional consent and still we are paying the bill. Republicans recently passed a bill requiring obama to disband the czars. obama, as per usual has turned a deaf ear. HIS RIGHT ONE IN THIS CASE.


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