The Obama’s first priority of the Easter Sunday holiday, was for the president not to honor the holiday celebrated by millions of American Christians and Christians all over the world. It would seem that it was not as important as Earth Day, Global Warming (not) day and Ramadan to do so. Would anyone find this strange since obama has professed his faux Christianity time after time when it became politically expedient to do so? Then he rolled an Easter egg or two, acceptable green Easter eggs that would not contaminate the White House lawn and had been cleared by the EPA as acceptable. It was important that FLOTUS demonstrated Get Moving or what ever her anti-fat slogan for the moment was, but clearly the FLOTUS demonstrated no evidence that she practices what she dictates.

Then they dragged those two delightful young daughters to an Afro-American Baptist Church where a jeremiah wright sound alike, named wallace c. smith spewed hate rhetoric ala the reverend wright about the failure of America to provide enough civil rights for people of color, and blamed it on conservative talk radio. This ignorant man should be grateful that the Constitution he and obama despise has provided so much, albeit over a long time, but provided nevertheless. It is a disgrace that obama allowed his children to be subjected to such hateful talk. Would this imprint upon these two young girls everything that Martin Luther King was against? Of course obama never heard any of the sermon since he turned, once again his RIGHT EAR toward the pulpit. obama never in 20 years knew of the hate spewed by wright who married these two “darling people”. ANY ONE WHO BELIEVES ANY OF THAT. ANYONE WHO BELIEVES THAT THIS president IS NOT A FRAUD. ANYONE WHO DOES NOT BELIEVE THAT he WAS CREATED BY LEFTISTS WITH POWER AND INFLUENCE AND FINANCIAL SUPPORTED BY MISGUIDED WEALTHY JINOS AND SAUDI KINGS. ANY ONE WHO BELIEVES THAT he WAS BORN IN THE U.S. AND WENT TO THE SCHOOLS ALLEGEDLY SUGGESTED. ANYONE WHO BELIEVES he IS NOT A muslim AND WILL NOT HAPPILY ENJOY THE DESTRUCTION OF ISRAEL……………..IS A DAMN FOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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