While still pursuing the issue of obama’s birth certificate and justifiably so, Donald Trump has now called for obama’s missing school and health records, as others have and I as well in previous posts. The liberal media has not done a very good job vetting obama, perhaps because they are aware of things that would have precluded his ever running for president in 2008 and certainly in 2012 when more truthful information will be both needed and demanded.

Donald Trump has been called a clown and even been compared with al sharpton by a respected conservative journalist. No one can be compared to al sharpton unless the comparison includes alleged falsifying of records, alleged misuse of funds, and misrepresentation in court cases, specifically that of tawana brawley that ultimately ruined the life of NY police officer. Donald Trump should lose the “The Donald” title and tone down his rhetoric if he really wishes to be a viable candidate that will not hurt the Republican party. Trump is asking questions, America wants the answers to. Trump should clarify his position on foreign policy in a more diplomatic way. Trump should speak about how he would improve the economy. He has already asked for an increase in drilling in our own abundant oil and natural gas resources, to make this country less dependent on foreign oil, something obama does not wish to do. obama and his secretary of energy are hell-bent to put us on a par with Europe regarding the price of gasoline. We are, unfortunately almost there and this and his other policies formulated by his cadre of “former terrorists”, communists, and socialists from whom he seeks council will help him achieve his and their goal of destroying this country.

The Republican party and the Conservatives, and the Tea Party must work in unison to provide a front running candidate now and not make the mistake it made in 2008. Perhaps, the message or leader may come from the Tea Party that proved to be a major factor in the 2010 win, and no one should lose sight of this. As bright as conservative women are, they will most likely be rejected by the electorate and should not be a front-runner. I would suggest that none should be considered for second place in the ticket, unless the front-runner is so strong and everything obama has done to this country will make him utterly unacceptable for re-election.


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