Donald Trump has made some statements lately, that were rash and not well thought out particularly about Iraqi oil seizure, but the man is clearly a patriot and so many Americans believe in what he believes, and by virtue of his business sense could right this floundering ship of ours. The majority of Americans want to know, as Trump does, who obama is, where he was born and is he a fraud created by Chicago politicians financially backed by george soros. One of the unanswered questions is why obama has spent almost a million dollars in preventing any of his records, medical, schooling or birth from being viewed. What could be on the birth certificate that makes it so ominous to be exposed. Is it possible that he is listed as Caucasian? Is it possible that there is no father named? Is it possible that his religion is listed as muslim? Supposedly, some twenty-five unnamed individuals have seen the long birth certificate form. Why should any of them be trusted? As long as these secrets remain hidden, there is no reason to trust this man who occupies the White House and we must refer to as POTUS.

While I have no idea what political party deniro supports, I find it ludicrous that he would make the recent statements he made that referred to persons unjustly challenging obama’s legitimacy of birth, and then allegedly attributed them to Donald Trump. It would seem that deniro’s silence regarding obama’s policies, economic and foreign lead us to believe that he thinks they are just possibly the best decisions any president could make. I have never seen or heard deniro make a negative statement about this administration. I have not heard any word from him about Pelosi or Reid. Perhaps deniro would like to present all of the FACTS that totally support obama’s legitimacy as he challenged Trump to provide the opposite. deniro has been a great actor, but his star seems to be waning. Perhaps he has just created this minor firestorm to place his face back before the public again. beyond Tribeca.

Placing obama’s birth certificate aside for the moment, POTUS has done more to destroy our economy and position in the world, while speaking platitudes, making excuses and placing blame as provided on his teleprompters. A year away from being dis-elected obama still blames George Bush for all of his own ineptitude, unpreparedness and lack of leadership. obama will say any thing, promise anything, deny everything and take credit for anything good that happens whether he had his hand in it or not. He has no idea how to deal with the middle east other than to side with the muslims. He will not do anything about drilling for the vast supply of natural gas and oil on the American continent, because he wants this country to fail. He has hated the white, rich people. most likely since he was a young child and will do and say anything to destroy them. Donald Trump despite some of recent bizarre oral statements is nevertheless a patriot. Can this be said of our president?


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