The leftist liberals are trashing Donald Trump because he tells the truth which is unfortunate for them. He has been criticized for changing some of his positions, obama has changed ALL OF HIS POSITIONS, making his suspect of never ever having had a position. In actuality, then obama becomes the puppet or dummy, dancing on strings pulled by handlers such as george soros who has a lot to continually gain if GOD FORBID, obama was re-elected. These are the people who tell obama what to think and what to say as written on his teleprompters, without which he suddenly becomes literally aphasic.

Donald Trump, despite continually forcing the issue of obama’s birth certificate, is saying all the right things about our current position in the world as determined by a president who has apologized for what he states are the sins of this country. Trump is correct when he states that the countries that we have freed from tyranny would turn on us in a minute. obama, who never ran a business or managed a payroll has shown no business sense and never will. He has surrounded himself with leftist/liberal/radical czars who have had no business sense, but are willing to make economic decisions that harm America and its people, because their goal, along with obama is to turn this country into what we see in the Third World.

America wants and needs to hear the things Donald Trump is espousing, if only to provide the Hope that never arrived with obama and to Change or UNDO what obama has done to the United States. While I believe that Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann are perfectly capable people, I do not see either as solidifying a Republican ticket regardless of who might be the chosen candidate for president. THE BOTTOM LINE IS THAT THE UNITED STATES WOULD BE BETTER OFF WITH ANY ONE BUT barry soetoro (aka barack hussein obama).



  1. Suzi Van Wagenen says:

    So often we Americans have felt that our only choice was to vote for the “lesser” of 2 evils. In 2012, ANYONE would be a lesser evil than what we have now. As I said to my husband, “Heck, I’d vote for the Easter Bunny rather than vote for Obama.” We screwed up – big time. We need to admit it, repent (turn around 180 degrees) and go in the other direction before we fall off the edge. Making a mistake doesn’t bring shame. Making the same mistake twice – DUH!!!

  2. Don says:

    Not sure if I want Trump to win so he can completely&$&& up your $@@&country or if him losing in the primaries will bring enough It’s great that Obama actually has what it takes to bring Bin Laden to justice, while the Rep retard Bush (yes, your retarded voters gave Bush another attempt which was kinda funny to the rest of the world)couldn’t do it in 7 years. Must leave the victims a little empty inside knowing it took so long, but in the end, the Dem got him.
    Don’t forget to thank the Reps for the financial crisis. 🙂

    • I should have trashed your worthless comment, but decided to clean it up and allow the rest of the intelligent people who read my blog to see the garbage that might support obama and his his cadre of anarchists. If you had any semblance of intelligence you would not have made the comment you chose to make. Clearly from your failed use of the English language you are not of this country. The question is …are you of this world. I have no objection to you reading my posts since the worst scenario is that you may learn something.

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