When Jay Carney replaced Robert Gibbs as White House press secretary, I was not certain whether I was looking at Art Carney, the comedian or Wally Cox, the actor or a combination of both individuals. Carney was elevated to his current position, having been the spokesperson for Joe Biden. Therein lies the answers to all of the questions one might ask about this person who once stood in for the second stooge. In the now distant past for many of us, there was Edgar Bergen, along with his dummies, Charley McCarthy and Mortimer Snerd. Carney looks more like McCarthy but comes across like Snerd. In the early years of black and white TV, we had Buffalo Bob, the voice of Howdy Doody. The people pulling the strings that worked the mouths of these dummies, are not dissimilar from those in the administration feeding the garbage in to our present day Howdy Doody who presides over something inane called the White House Daily Press briefings providing all of the garbage the press “corpse” can possibly consume.

In light of the Obama miscalculations and inept handling of our ongoing economic crisis, Standard and Poor, has projected a negative outcome regarding the potential strength of this country’s borrowing power with regard to the rest of the world. The White House re-in-carney-ation of Howdy Doody dismissed this information as vague and unimportant, obviously parroting the panicked feelings of Obama’s handlers who pull all of their strings. Obama, off on another political jaunt at considerable cost to the American tax payer while spewing the by-products of all of the jet fuel into the atmosphere, will produce more hot air than came out of the mouth of the press secretary, but it is interesting that Mr. Magnanamous cannot mark himself “PRESENT” in Washington as this new problem unfolds. Clearly the mantra is, “never waste a crisis, but be sure to be far away from its center when it arises.”

When Obama stated in 2008 that he planned “to fundamentally change this country”, people should have listened far more carefully than they did when they stood in awe as thus supposedly erudite man of mixed color gave an impressive speech during the democratic convention of 2004. In the early years we had Bergen, Bob Smith, and Shari Lewis to name just a few. Now we have ear buds and teleprompters serving the same purpose. If one does not have an original thought, get one from the producer or the teleprompter.

For grown, presumably well-educated men and women, assigned to the White House Press “CORPSE” to sit and listen to drivel and subterfuge day after day, I find an astounding waste of time. And then to process this garbage and re write it in order to put the misinformation into print to further confuse and irritate the public makes sense only to those who find this administration transparent and so honest and giving. OR FEAR FOR THEIR JOBS FROM THE LIBERAL ESTABLISHMENTS THAT WRITE THEIR PAYCHECKS.

Obama’s “energy” secretary thinks our gas prices should reach those of Europe. Check the pumps. We are getting their. Clinton said “he felt our pain”. Obama and his cronies want us to feel excruciating pain, particularly in our wallets as he advances his march to socialism.



  1. Hi there could I innuendo some of the insight from this memorandum if I yield a relationship retire from to your site?

    • Absolutely, if you could perhaps tell us what language other than ENGLISH you are currently using. There are excellent “whatever language” to English resources on the web. TRY ONE

  2. I had high hopes that perhaps Robert Gibbs’ replacement as whitehouse spokesman would be a somewhat more lucid and eloquent speaker when he addressed the press corps. Alas, his replacement, Jay Carney is equally adept at using the “uh” (as in “duh”) word during his press conferences. Is there no one in this administration who has a decent command of the English language anymore? How very sad that we are witnessing the office of the president going down in flames.

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