I understand that there is absolutely no direct relationship between the tragedy that unfolded yesterday in Newburgh, NY when a mother committed suicide by driving her van into the Hudson River, taking with her all but one of her young children, and what the occupants of the White House have done or not done to correct the instability of the family dynamic among many African-Americans. However, it would seem that the lady of that house has spent too much time acting as the “fat police spokesperson” rather than speaking out more forcefully about the need for a more stable family life within the minority structure. The president, instead of praising Planned Parenthood and obstructing its defunding could better spend his time trying to find out why he might believe that abortion is a better solution than prevention of pregnancies in the first place. Perhaps in between putts, he might ponder such an issue.

By pursuing bigger government and the creation of THE NANNY STATE, this administration finds making people more dependent upon government the answer to all of the ills of the nation. As Ronald Reagan stated some thirty years ago, “government is not the solution, it is the problem”. Is it possible that keeping the needy, needy has created or reinforced a mindset that allows for multiple pregnancies, with numerous men fathering them, which occurs within the black community more than any of the others? Bill Cosby has taken a stand on this issue. Where are the rest of the reverends and preachers and congress people who make up parts of the black communities in America? Where does the president and the first lady stand on the issue of improving the family dynamic?


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