Donald Trump is now asking questions about obama’s past life; questions we would all like to know the truthful answers to. I recently received an email allegedly written by an ex IRA investigator. I have not been able to verify any of the information yet, but it raises questions concerning what obama may be hiding of his past life and that required the expenditure of perhaps $900,000 in legal fees to suppress. Trump has come up with a monetary figure of over 2 Million, but no one seems to know where that figure came from. There has already been information on cable news that the validity of obama’s social security number is being questioned, since it has been reported once owned by a Connecticut resident named Ludwig, who died while in Hawaii in 1927. It seems that there are markers on the social security numbers which identify geographical areas, hence Connecticut has been determined to be the site of issuance. It has been alleged that obama’s grandmother may have had access to social security information through her work, and may have provided the illicit social security number for obama.

The following information come from the email forwarded to me and many others and allegedly provided by a “former IRS investigator” whose name and source or sources are unknown.

Barry Obama was legally adopted by Lolo Soetoro and his name was changed to reflect the adoption. Since the adopting parent was also an Indonesian national, obama became a citizen of Indonesia as well. There is a question whether or not Lolo Soetoro was the legal birth father. This information should be present on obama’s birth certificate. It has not been disputed that obama was raised as a muslim in Indonesia, and attended Catholic school. The alleged “agent” states that obama’s mother dropped him as a dependent, as indicated by information supposedly recorded on her passport. At some time obama went to Hawaii to live with people identified as grandparents, after his mother and Soetoro divorced.

With regard to Donald Trump’s questioning of the validity of the birth certificate released to the public, the “agent” further offers that a “certificate of live birth” can have names changed, including the child’s birth name and names of its birth parents. The certificate can also reflect a modified date of birth when an adoption occurs and the natural birth parents do not wish this information provided. Apparently, the original birth certificate, presumably the long form is the only legal vital statistics record of a person’s birth parents, birth location and birth date. The “agent” went on to state that he has been able to obtain “certificates of live birth” of dead people, even without the paper stating that the individual was deceased. He questions whether the name Barack Hussein Obama is present on the real birth certificate that has never been released. The “agent” continues that it is public knowledge that Obama finished high school in Hawaii as Barry Soetoro and attended Occidental as Barry Soetoro. The “agent” added additional information about obama’s life style that I have chosen not to include. The “agent” further alleges that obama after dropping out of Occidental found his way to New York, became friendly with a boy from Pakistan, traveled first to Indonesia to renew his Indonesian passport and then went on to Pakistan with his friend. The “agent” further alleges that Barry Soetoro, upon returning from Pakistan began to use the name Obama. Obama then allegedly filed his federal income tax using a social security number at a Connecticut post office. He questions the need to file in Connecticut and not New York. The “agent” states that upon receiving Obama’s federal tax filing, it could not attach the name Obama to the S.S. number provided. There is no TIME LINE on any of this information and the story becomes more convoluted and difficult to follow as written.

Apparently, obama moved to Chicago and allegedly was able to obtain a diploma. The “agent” alleges that the diploma was “fake” and easily obtained in the 1980s Obama’s attendance at Columbia University has already been questioned, but he was able to enter and attend Harvard, allegedly underwritten by the Saudis. The “agent” states that the Saudi’s have admitted to paying Obama’s Harvard costs and also donated $20 Million dollars to the university.

Now that he had a Harvard diploma, getting a job in a legal firm proved difficult since he most likely would not pass the background check, so the “agent” suggests that Michele got Barry a job at her law firm. For a still unexplained reason both Obama’s had to turn over their law licenses to the state of Illinois. He became involved in Illinois state politics and suddenly got himself a position as a lecturer at Chicago’s law school.

America is aware, for the most part what occurred after that, that propelled this man into the White House. I do not know if any of the information I have provided can be validated, but there is so much of obama’s past that certainly suggests that he should have been vetted more thoroughly by the democratic party, particularly the Senate majority leader, reid and then Speaker of the House, pelosi, that readily passed on him with insufficient credentials. If any of this information proves valid, the latter two members of Congress should have their motives questioned by a congressional committee that would deal with such a matter.

If anyone has any information that either supports or refutes what has been written, I would appreciate their comments. However, comments that might be sordid or do not contain facts will be stricken.



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