THREE democrat FEARMONGERS ATTEMPT TO OBSTRUCT BUDGET BILL BUT FAIL: debbie wasserman schultz, (dws), harry EVIL. reid (aka hdr) and lynn slaughter (anyi)

Just prior to the “agreement” to agree or disagree last Friday, no less than three (there were so many more) democrats resorted to the fear-mongering that they so often accuse Republicans. I have dealt with the evils that h. reid has perpetrated on the American people, so I believe that a discussion of debbie wasserman shultz’s contribution might now be in order. dws stated emphatically that if the budget was passed with the cuts, “the elderly would die”.

This individual born in 1966, making her 45 yeas old now, grew up in Forest Hills and Long Island NY. Somehow finding her way to Florida she obtained a B.A. at the University of Gainesville and stayed in the sunny Sunshine state. I have not attempted to see how that University rates with the rest of America’s places for higher education but I always thought it to be a playtime for the rich kids away for the first time from the pressure of the folks. After having the distinction of being the youngest at 26 years, a member of the Florida legislature, she managed to be elected to congress in 2005 from which time she has served. During her time in the legislature, she was a member of the Manatee Club.

dws took a position in the Terri Schiavo case when she chided the Bush administration regarding whether it was reasonable for congress to intervene with regard to ceasing life support for this young woman. From this and other statements, dws always took the side of the family’s right to make such a decision. I am not certain exactly what her position is on abortion, which clearly is involved with the taking of a life no matter how one parses it. Wasserman-Schultz (not certain if she should be forward slashed or hyphenated) stated that ” Congress is not an objective body; it is a partisan, political body. Our members are not doctors or bioethicists. Congress is not the appropriate body to decide end of life decisions. I am worried that special interest groups might exploit family tragedies for political gain and profit.”

If dws voted in favor of Obamacare and if she read the bill either before or after voting, she might have seen evidence of the so-called death panel which Obama’s handlers have parsed, calling it a peer review or whatever. It is restriction of care. It is providing care by the numbers, so if it is not cost-effective, you might die. If she believes in it, it contradicts everything she said with regard to the Schiavo case and others that she has gotten involved with. I just refer the reader back to her quote in the previous paragraph. Again, her position on abortion in any trimester is unclear.

dws’, father has said that his daughter had no interest and was not active in the Jewish community before entering politics. It is interesting that she approved of GWB’s appropriation to the Palestine Authority, that the rest of us know is HAMAS, but nevertheless felt that Bush had not shown leadership with regard to issues between the Palestinians and Israel. Finally, she accused Republican/Independent Jews, many of them from Miami-Ft. Lauderdale who might have (ugh) voted for Obama, of caring less for Israel as being a Jewish state, because of an obsession with a biblical belief of impending Armageddon. I find it hard to believe that Republican Jews, particularly those in Florida all were HOLY ROLLERS except for when they were in the casinos. debbie became a member of Hadassah, the National Jewish democratic council and planned parenthood. What else could we expect from someone more interested in her own political development than HER people who entrusted her with their vote. Is it just possible that debbie became more Jewish because she planned to run in a state in which a huge number of Jews chose for retirement? What a great country…where you can be anything you want to be….if you can convince people you are sincere………………………..?

The time for Jews voting democratic no matter what must cease, because what remembrance of what the great FDR did not do for the Jewish people when in need, (look at the ship St.Louis) must not fade in the dust over the years that have past. Members of the Jewish faith all over this great country must take stock of what there elective representatives promise and what they achieve. Too many members of Congress of the Jewish faith have given lip service to our greatest Middle East ally, Israel because it was not politically correct to do more and that is a disgrace. We constantly call for a response from American Muslims regarding terror in this world in name of Jihad. I would like more rabbis speaking up against Obama and his hoard in his treatment of Israel. How can their constituents make them pay for their (UH) discretions? Easy VOTE THEM OUT OF OFFICE.


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