Despite Obama’s suggestion that Republicans and democrats are not that far apart regarding the budget, which in itself is a lie, democrats have refused to budge on cutting any amount of money that they believe will impact negatively on the next election at all levels. Why didn’t Obama’s government vote a budget last year? They were afraid of impacting negatively on the midterm elections. THEY LOST ANY WAY AND AMERICA IS LOSING NOW BECAUSE OF THEIR PARTISAN INACTION!

Democrats call Sarah Palin and Limbaugh and Beck fear mongers, something greedily picked up by their partisan media. The media ignores such suggests by the now irrelevant (EVIL) N. Pelosi that millions of seniors will die, or similar suggestions by the USAIDS director that thousands of children will perish, considering it news worthy. All of this to occur with government shut down. The news ignores any and all of H. (EVIL) Reid’s diatribes as obstructive, but absolutely condemns the Speaker of the House, only because he is a Republican.

Obama comes out with another statement, excuse me LIE, that seniors will not receive their social security checks. OOOPS….was this another misspeak? The truth is that he is fear mongering because none of that is true.

Let’s look at what might be affected by a government shutdown. Apparently nothing essential will be affected. Within Congress, a panic has ensued with government officials trying to determine those on their staff who might be considered non-essential and pink slipped. IF THEY ARE NON-ESSENTIAL WHY ARE WE TAX PAYERS PAYING FOR THEM? FIRE THEM NOW. WHAT GREATER OPPORTUNITY MIGHT WE HAVE TO DO SO? I AM CERTAIN A SIGNIFICANT AMOUNT OF HOUSECLEANING MIGHT BE ACCOMPLISHED.

Most of all government workers when allowed to return if shut down occurs will receive all of their pay. This includes the undeserving members of Congress who have created this problem, along with our do-know-nothing president. The National Parks will be affected. Included will be the monuments in Washington D.C. There has already been the liberal tear jerking stories regarding teachers who promised their students tours of Washington and some decry not being able to see the cherry blossom parade. News Flash! The streets and avenues will not be closed. The trees will blossom, and any teacher worth his or her salary can teach what Lincoln meant to the people while standing at the foot of his statue for starters.

I just can’t wait to hear the liberal complaints that the bison in Yellowstone will develop significant stress because there will be a lack of people to take their pictures, or the Grizzly bears are upset because they miss the cars and buses lined up for a photo-op, or the wolves will not procreate because of the absence of humans to hear them howl. Is it possible that Old Faithful will not blow on the hour because no one will be their to see it?

Under the current circumstances must the government call another holiday, of which we have many when no business is conducted. IT CAN. IT SHOULD, AND THE MAJORITY OF AMERICA WILL NOT KNOW THE DIFFERENCE…..except if they believe all of the lies the democrats will tell and tell and tell and tell……….and continue to tell until they believe all of them…..


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