Glenn Beck, announced yesterday that he would be leaving his evening cable program aired on Fox. In making the announcement, Beck stated that he made the decision based upon his need to pursue other options and venues. One would hope that Beck has not been forced out by sponsor pressures applied by Liberal losers who just want to silence conservative thought and education by any means.

Aside from some portions in his presentation that I thought to be excessively religious, Glenn Beck provided to those who watched and listened an education that they would never have obtained left to their own devices. In addition to what he exposed regarding Soros, and his many avenues of hatred and decided socialism, Glenn Beck gave impetus to people to want to learn more on their own. Education is a necessity to combat the evils perpetrated by Obama, Acorn, the aforementioned Soros with his Tides Foundation and Apollo group, non of which we would have been aware if it were not for Glenn Beck and his phenomenal research.

Too many American’s are satisfied to live in a world of ignorance and this includes all of the college students and recent graduates that voted for Obama because they thought is was cool to vote for a black man. It has proved to be neither cool nor prudent.

I would hope that Glenn would return to TV with his visual aids and ever-present blackboards. His continued presence on radio, currently does not reach the metropolitan area. We cannot allow anyone to curtail conservative thought presented in any media form. The rest of what goes by the name of media is biased, partisan and has not presented news in a reasonable and fair manner less it impact negatively on the current democratic president and the democratic party. One must question the integrity of the reporters. We understand that the owners of the newspapers and the tv and cable stations will do for the devil what the devil will do for them.



  1. Darrel G. Blumm says:

    I always looked forward to seeing and hearing Glenn Beck on Fox. I always felt that top management at Fox should have been commended for airing his program. Unfortunately, the only conclusion I can come to now is that management, for some reason, caved in. I need to be convinced that I’m wrong and also to regain the respect I once had for Fox.

    • I share your suspicion regarding the reason for his leaving. However, Glenn Beck could have just decided that he had done all he could with that venue. Remember, however that he suddenly was removed from WOR radio as well for reasons yet to be explained.

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