In light of the pending closure of government, because the democrats will not agree to cutting spending and paying back the $105 Billion stolen by the EVIL reid and equally EVIL pelosi hidden in the EVIL Obamacare, Obama has called for an all nighter, if need be tonight at the former people’s house. The invited have been instructed to brig with them a minimum needed for a constructive meeting. Harry(EVIL) Reid, out of necessity will bring a Costco extra-large box of DEPENDS. The Speaker of the House Boehner will be allowed a minimum of 4 boxes of facial tissues, and Obama has been allowed by Mrs. Robinson, the mother-in-law, one pair of Chicago Bulls(of course) basketball shorts and as tee-shirt celebrating his greatness. Ms. Obama will provide for each participant, 4 spears of raw asparagus, 4 cucumbers, 7 radishes, a head of lettuce and tap water. The White House larder is a bit spare since its occupants had a dinner of lobster, garlic bread, fried shrimp and McDonald fries earlier. SHHHHHHHHSH………….also 4 Happy Meals with toys…………………..

America is on the edge of it seats hoping that the EVIL reid brought enough depends, to get the work of government done. We must be concerned that reid will run out of Depends and urinate on the Constitution and the American people as he has done ever since a group of lunatics in Nevada sent him to Washington too many years ago.


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